the JADE thread!

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a exciting yet scary experience at the same time! Buying land in a foreign country is always frighten. Different rules and regulations, if something should go wrong, it's hard to figure out if there are any recourse etc.
    I guess sometimes you have to take a risk if it's worth it and it sounds like it was!

    I am just trying to picture the closing with documents being stuff in a paper bag!
    I probably wouldn't be able to help myself and burst out laughing!

    Your vacation home sounds wonderfully idyllic! Rolling mountains and fresh crisp air. So beautiful! Do you rent it out or have somebody taking care of it when not in use?
  2. Thanks for all the compliments on Smoke, ladies! Most of my pictures are taken with my cellphone - Droid Mini! I take a lot of pics and toss a lot of junk pics, thankfully processing and film are no longer an issue. lol

    My 2 small widths are from UJ, both are about 7mm. When I first got them I was so worried about cracking and breaking them because of how delicate they felt compared to my other bangles, but both are actually really strong. Both are very opaque and don't chime as well when it is just the 2 of them, but when I stack with a larger bangle, it brings their song out.

    Love the color and how even the grain looks here, well done!

    That is super awesome. I think if I regret anything about my youth, it's that I didn't travel more or go abroad or do an exchange program. I know it's still possible, but thinking about trying to travel with a 4 year old just makes me tired. :biggrin:
  3. BreadnGem,
    Custard and Cream is beautiful pairs!
  4. I guess Legend does get kinda slow sometimes but I really liked it. I guess because I thought the show was so beautiful i.e. the clothes, the jewelry, the way they decorated the set etc. I was not bored because there was so much to see. i don't think there are many more chapters of Empress Ki. I am not going to watch any more dramas for a while now. Taking a break.
  5. Druzy,
    Your YS is stunning and the width is look just perfect for you dear
  6. Thank you dear Vixy,
    I spent to much money for this pass 3 weeks on bangles
  7. That is fun things to do but not fun if the wallets getting thin hehehe
  8. Dynasty, ur fil is v fortunate to have u. Will pray for u.
  9. Thank you my dear
  10. Here is my newest babies, just bought 2 days ago

    Attached Files:

  11. Thankyou clairejune. The color is a good match for me. :smile:
  12. Twins! They're amazing! Very nice.
  13. Thankyou! Vixy and Miss Oinky for your compliments!
    In certain lighting I can almost see shades of lavendar. Very interesting and ever-changing she seems.
  14. Thank you for the welcome and for posting pictures of your buttons. This thread is simply amazing - I can spend hours just drooling over all your beautiful bangles.

    Druzy, may I you about your YS source? Is it an online store?
  15. Thank you dear ;)
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