the JADE thread!

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    Molly0, so sorry that your father is sick! Get well soon dear! Your bangle is gorgeous! Congratulations!

    Junkempo, Tiffins is right, your photography skills are very great. You are able to show all of the subtlties that jade has in real life. Gosh, Smoke is getting more gorgeous by the day!

    Dynasty, as I said before, HOLY COW you are a BRAVE, BRAVE woman!!
  2. Congrats ^_^

    You are an angel :heart:

    Jade sisters .. If only I could ..
  3. Thank you Silver Mom
  4. Thank you Hun!
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    Hi Vixy! It was VERY hard to purchase the Italian residence. It was made easier by the fact that I am a citizen of the European Union as well as this helps with some of the crazy tax laws. Italian real estate is notoriously 'nebulous' and unclear. I bought the place from a wealthy family, and I remember the matriarch at the final signing stuffing the documents and more into a paper bag....very nebulous. The whole thing was very scary, hard and I don't think I'd have the guts to ever do it again. There are terrible stories of people getting scammed, ripped off, etc. Thank god it was a clean transaction, but my heart was in my throat the entire time.
    Then we had to figure out how everything works, and I don't speak Italian. I spent a few years living there full time, and now we travel as a vacation spot, though less often then I would like. It is in Barga, which is a small city about half hour from Lucca in northern Tuscany. The mountains and water are so near by....Florence is an hour away..perfect vacation spot. But alas, traveling with all of the family is expensive and hard.
  6. Wow, that is amazing claire. How cool it is to have a place in Italy.
  7. Hi Miss Piggy! Hugs to you!

    Thanks Silver Mom! I am astonished that I did it. It is fun to be able to go there. I love it...and I hope that I will be able to in the next couple of years. What is great is that it is a tie to my German/European side. Summer in a year, my parents will be taking my older children for a summer there and in Germany. I am glad that they have a chance to get to know their roots too, as they are EU citizens as well. My big hope is that they will get good at German and perhaps consider going to university there.

  8. Thanks SkiJ.

    I love Mossy too. Light, small and "wearable" for me. It is an everyday bangle I can wear to most occasions. The YS is beautiful but I can put it on without a plastic bag... hardly the close fit i wanted. For that reason, and also because it has a higher glam factor, its a dress bangle rather than an everyday bangle. Different bangles, different occasions.

    I love jade!!

  9. OMG, that is a huge deal!! You are a saint and your FIL is lucky to have you in the family.
    I would say a new bangle is a good way to reward yourself!
  10. Your children are so lucky. Because you were wise they will benefit from it. Lucky, lucky.
  11. I second Vixy's motion. Go out and get a new one.
  12. Welcome Jade4me! Hope you feel less lonely now with us to share your jade obsession with !

    We got to know Allan through claire, who started the Yukon Snow (YS) bangle craze. It's nephrite. I'm one of the last 6 to order. There's no more of that stock but he has other wonderful jade boulders that he can cut and polish into nice jewelry. Very skilled and extremely nice to do business with.

  13. The ending was a bit lame. But I'm not sure how I would like it to end if I had it my way. I wouldn't want them to be torn apart either....

    As for Legend...I am still trying to get through it...for some reasons it's not clicking with me. There are some slow parts...not sure if the series should really be at 76 chapters.

    Is there a schedule for new Empress Ki episodes? When I looked the other day there were only 45 chapters now there is 47 wah! I better get back to it.

    If you haven't seen Rooftop Prince, you should take a look. It's really funny.
    Oh only after watching Bubu Jingxin...unless you started on something else already??
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