the JADE thread!

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  1. Very nice, JKP! Smoke is smokin' as usual.

    May I ask, from your collection, what is the smallest width you have? If I remember correctly, the two from UJ are thinner? Trying to figure out whether I would like something narrow. TIA for any info.
  2. Wow! Are we already on Thread #3!?? Good jobs sisters! LOL!
  3. NYCP, I'm not sure early retirement is worth moving to another city. That is a huge sacrifice and decision to make. Are you dead set on a house? Would you consider selling your currently apt and buying a 2 bedroom in the city? But of course if you are looking for outdoor space (not a balcony) you would need a house.

    We bought a 2 bedroom condo, it's enough room for us although I wouldn't mind another bedroom to turn into a closet LOL!. We are not house people, it requires too much maintenance. Park Slope has a great neighborhood feel, I also like Dumbo a lot but not a lot of availability. As for Williamsburg.....not really my scene. I know it's up and coming but personally I think it's way overprice.
  4. Thank you so very very much Swanky :heart:

    Swoon :love: Especially Smoke :heart:

    Welcome, I am more or less like you being very fortunate to have found this thread, but I am in the Prairie, Canada.

    This is Allan, I think he mainly deals with Nephrite ..

    Have any of our sisters seen this ?
  5. Uli, what beautiful color shirt/pants set you received. We await your model pictures :smile:
    BTW you have a knack with naming bangles! Anything food related works for me.
    I shall take pictures of my bangles when I have a moment and have you name them! LOL!

    Claire, was it a difficult process to purchase real estate outside of the US? How does that work exactly? Are you planning to retire in Italy one day?

    Druzy, I think oval shapes are great. I find it easier to put on and fits more comfortable on the wrist. Although your YS is not the perfect size, I think it looks great on you.

    Bread&Gem, I also don't prefer stacking jade together unless I have a good buffer/spacer and the bangles have to be on the thinner side because it's too chunky on my short arms. LOL!

    Silvermom, your blue set is so pretty. Even though the pendant isn't an exact match, it compliments each other very well!

    If NYCP decide to bring Gold Mochi to Hawaii it would be awesome for the Mochi's to have a play date. How awesome would that be LOL!

    Separately on drama update:
    Empress Ki - still have to watch ep 45
    Legend - still on ep 30
    My love from another star - DONE
    Rooftop Prince - just started

    Gosh! It's like a part time job...unfortunately there is no salary involved :sad:
  6. Wow another thread! I haven't been here much lately. (Father sick in hospital).
    Germanshepherd? Received your UT bangle that took a side trip to Canada yet? Received "Ellen" yesterday and I adore her!!!

    Attached Files:

  7. A big welcome to Jade4me, I'm so glad you found us :smile:

    Your spring green is so pretty! Do you have one that you wear all the time or do you rotate them often? I agree that bangles should be displayed when not worn. I have them scattered on my dresser and have been looking for a stand as well. I found a few that might do the trick from the Container Store, if you want to check it out.

  8. Sorry to hear that your father is sick, I hope he feels better soon.

    Ellen is absolutely glowing and so gorgeous!! Very nice!!
  9. Hello my dear, I'm in Boston Massachusetts now to do some test, I'm gonna donate my kidney for my father in law so that will keep me busy ;)
    Two days ago I bought one pair of bangles in Boston :smile:
  10. Beautiful bangle!!!
  11. Very nice collection ;)
  12. Didn't you find the ending in My Love from Another Planet very disappointing? I did. Love Legend to the End. Waiting for Chapter 48 of Empress Ki.... very exciting. Thanks for you comment on my Blue set. I always wonder if they match. Is Dumbo an elephant or a neighberhood?
  13. Hi Jade4me....I have insights into jojo. They are an enormous company with thousands of bangles. Sometimes they are not the best at updating their site until they get a new 'load' of bangles and then the website can be missing many pages for a day or two.

    I have bought 4 bangles from them and have been very happy with what I got, though there are others who were surprised by the bangles they received. My advice would be this.

    1) Find a number of bangles that you are interested in and inquire about them all at once. They will tell you what is available.
    2) Perhaps consider describing what you are looking for and the qualities that you prefer. I did this once and "jack" helped me find my favorite bangle that I adore. I never would have seen it otherwise as it was not listed on the new site.
    3) Ask about the true colors (as photographing jade is hard and buying from pictures can be misleading). Also ask about any flaws like stone lines, chips etc.
    4) Always negotiate down. Though they do not offer this option online, it is possible through messaging. On expensive items you can maybe get up to 40% off but less on cheaper items because the profit margin is less.
    5) Be absolutely sure that you want the bangle that you negotiate for because they don't offer any returns once you negotiate down. If you want to be able to return/refund, then it's best to either pay the whole price or buy from a smaller vendor. This is because they give you a whole sale price and I doubt they have the accounting set up for returns since this whole sale business is done through back transfers.

    There are smaller sellers that sell grade A and offer more flexibility...though jojo has the advantage of an enormous selection. They always have new things because they are a jade boulder processing factory, so they are cutting the boulders.
    Ultimate Jadeite Etsy
    GeGe designs Etsy
    Desire Treasures (both ebay and home site)
    3jade Ebay

    Probably more that I have forgotten. Do keep us posted! We love to see things that inspire each other, even if it's just for eye candy.

    I love your other bangles btw! The fresh green one is a beauty!!
  14. Hope dad gets better soon. OOOOOO nice bangle.
  15. That is so nice of you Dynasty. Will pray for you.
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