the JADE thread!

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  1. Jkp, your YS is truly a beauty. Congratulations!
  2. Udalrike, yes I am enjoying them but there is lots to do always. It's kind of a weird transition time. Some anxiety...
  3. Ok ladies here are some jewelry pics to share....One is of the ruby ring I gave my daughter, next to a great vintage faux necklace that I love!

    Then just an image of my jade bangles....

    Then the green, old crater disks a friend sent that I want to have set in gold for earrings sometime this year, dangling down from either biggest to smallest, or smallest to biggest.

    photo 3.JPG

    photo 1.JPG

    photo 2.JPG
  4. Claire, if I need to use one word to describe your collection, it will be 'contentment'. You have a complete jewelries collection that every woman would want in their wardrobe.
  5. I included a photo below: it's a very old, rather beat up (well the setting is really beat up) bi disk my grandma gave me. I think my parents worried about me after I gave myself a concussion at volleyball camp so they put protection necklaces on me from that day on. Too bad I'm so accident prone. :lol:

    Your Chocolate is so warm and pretty! Is that agate? It looks so smooth for agate... I'm used to seeing striations which are pretty too but this is so unusual!

    JKP: So so pretty! Congrats!

  6. Hi Ajmeow
    Thanks Ajmeow
    UJ did refound me $40 for crack lines@@, anyway I was never intended ask for any refound, but very nice of UJ.
    I do like UJ' pics too, they does seem very accurate!
  7. Oh lala, super happy for u, jkp!
    Both Yk snow and smoky are amazing n beautiful.
    Yukon snow princess is very dreamy! Wish ur new babe Yukon bangle bring u lot joy n fun :smile:
  8. Morning from Kaanapali, sisters! I'm trying to get back from into running, so for inspiration I run to whalers village to admire LV. Here is the view & YS Princess in the sun. :smile:
    1395250076820.jpg 1395250090491.jpg 1395250107972.jpg
  9. One more if the Terralani
  10. Nice yeah?

  11. Hi Udarike
    Here my new bangle from UJ
    It was 280, seller did refund $40 for crack lines, now it is $240
    Here same mod pics
    Here bangles taking water bath@@
    Overall this new bangle has huge grains, n pretty dry look!

  12. Beautiful landscape JKP
    Yk snow is much much more pretty !
    Are u gonna name ur Yk snow?

  13. Very nice! ;) tyvm for the breath taking views! :heart:
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