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  1. Bernie,
    I did not specify material selection and maybe I should have cos I was initially hoping for something more green throughout like yours & Faithgrace's bangle. But guess it has turned out ok. I love the snow flakes & snow clouds but was unsure of the milky brown patch until I saw what looks like a lamb face complete with a tiny pink nose in the white clouds on that patch. Lol.

    Oh... In that case I will opt for usps priority express international. No need to spend too much for overnight option cos I'm not in such a hurry to get it. 2/3 working days will be fine. Plus I'll be away for a 3D/2N staycation at Resorts World at the end of this week. But I'm so excited to be meeting my YS soon.
  2. Dynasty .. I like the scattered blue flowere on white base bangle more .. Yes Bread is right This variety of jadeite ( which some calls piao lan hua ) is getting very very expensive .

    Although , the red / yellow (?) looks good , I feel that the yellow translucent bangle u have is far more superior and brightness in comparison . If it were just mean i think it's more sound to get a different variety ( if u do not have any sactter flower variety to make your collection more diverse :smile:
  3. I think she is back this week. So we will have to tighten our purse or wallet and control our temptation.:biggrin: I suppose it will be difficult with all the goodies in front of our eyes. :biggrin:
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    Mine has tons of flakes on one side and is more even with a dash of snow on the other . Love it , Aud ! Lamb face is cool .. MEH .. MEH.... MEH .... :lol:
    yukon4.jpg yukon3.jpg yukon5.jpg
  5. Yes if u go down . It will be '' gone case''. Cannot be empty handed right , from CCK to Clementi !!! :graucho:

    Luckily i will be tied up this week .. :biggrin:
  6. I love the width of your YS. It is getting greener from your previous post.

    It is better for me not to see her online store or make an appointment to go down. It will be "gone case" as I will be tempted. I am already tempted when I went to PB over the weekend.
  7. Oh. I din realise yours also has lots of flakes. From mod pics it looks so green throughout. Our bangles really look more like siblings. :biggrin:

    Hahah. Guess I'll call this YS lamby cos of this cute face. Lol.
  8. You left out one sibling over here. :smile:
  9. 3jems, lamby is adorable!!!
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    You will realised after awhile the flakes arent overwhemingly obvious because they tend o jump out at u under certain lightning . I love it that ours are round so whenever u snap a shot , and depending on how it spins around , it looks different ...

    I added a 3rd mod pic up there , u shpuld be able to see that its modelled on the more even side and on the right , the side with flakes faces up but ... it's gentle contrast nothing too in your face . I think this should suit your personality well , with your fashion fast forward chanels and all .. Very cool.

    The green is like limpid deep green lake waters with the snowflakes like mossy bits floating .. I m not quite poetic here , but you will see it soon enough that the YS is a material that is well .. I would consider extremely fine grained . Unlike jadeite with u will see grains here and there under the torch ( with the exception of glass and imperial variety )

    Jadelover- I dunno if it wears as well as jadeite but it sure feel shinier than before . Are u wearing yours still . The translucent snow bits looks slightly more vivid too ... maybe it's my imagination..
  11. I am not wearing mine at the moment. The uploaded picture is from Allan. I believe that it will get shinier with constant wear. I noticed that the white flakes disappeared from the left photo. Is it due to the lighting or the angle when you take the bangle?
  12. No no... won't leave you out. We r triplets. Anyone else from sg who has the YS? My memory no good. *embarrassed*
  13. Thanks DS. Btw, do you have a YS also? =)
  14. The left picture I took of the more even side with a dash of white facing up , the right side shoes the snow flakes facing up . With all this in one bangle , u can spin in around to justify your mood ... Different sides of the bangle in those 2 pictures :smile:
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    The seller selling this for $4380USD, what do you think about the price?
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