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  1. Wow .. So many ladies order ys bangle from Allan. I'm from singapore . Can I know how to order from him ?

  2. That's good that you are happy with the quality from SC. According to Sophia, "this one doesn't have good photos to see details so I can't give common on it. However I looked through this seller's store and found some treated jade bangle described as untreated jade. You may verify with seller before purchase to make sure the one you are purchasing is untreated A grade."

    I tried asking SC for more photos and general quality questions about her bangle, and no response. I had many back and forth emails with Sophia and she was also very responsive and took more photos for me.
  3. I ended up buying this oval white bangle from Sophia. :smile:

    She says this one has a slight tinge of lavender, and she also took photos of a round white with a slight tinge of green.

    She says the oval's grain was 8.5 of 10 and better color but has some patches which brings the price down, and the round is more pure but the grain is 6.5 of 10.




    white oval 2.jpg

    More photos:
  4. Can you pm the address you are using to communicate with DT? I tried messaging through her website but I have not heard back from her at all. Thank you!

    As far as SC goes... there are couple of bangles I am curious about, but I should probably give it a rest.... it's like being full but there is still a few more bites of cake left. :biggrin:
  5. Can you please link a photo of Alan's purple?
  6. This is so pretty! I have rounds and princesses and Iroh is flat. I have pale lavender, whites and greens and red-yellow. I do not have an oval... maybe that's what I still need for my collection (to justify?):lol:
  7. Congrats you girls!! I lovethe yukon snow for the stone itself (I have always been drawn to different stones in crystal/agate stores all my life), but I personally don''t wish to wear a green bangle.

    Wear them in good health!!
  8. :lol::coolio::roflmfao:
  9. Love the translucency!!
  10. Hahaha speaking like an addict! :p

    Thanks JKP...I'm excited to receive it...hope it looks as nice or nicer in real life.

    I will PM you her email.

  11. Yippee!! I've received the quote from Allan too. Have already made the deposit payment. We have officially started our YS journey. So exciting. Btw, the sales tax that he charged, is that US sales tax?
  12. Yes specifically California tax which is kind of high which sucks.
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    Mine does not have Californian tax as I'm residing in Singapore. So that is not applicable. However, there is another sales tax indicated. No worries. I've drop Allan an email just to clarify. ;)

    Edit to add:
    as clarified by Allan, this is indeed an Californian tax. Sadly it is applicable even for overseas buyers. No worries. I'm still excited for my YS. :biggrin:
  14. Lol...this is the reason why i always pick my own gifts. Reduces the "surprise/shock" factor

  15. Congrats on getting your bangle & EGL report back. Your bangle is a very nice even translucent green. Looks lovely. Now that the report has confirmed its grade A jadeite, you can relax and fully enjoy the bangle now. Have fun with your new bangle. :smile:
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