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  1. A last try:

  2. Hi Uli ,

    it doesnt look treated to me from the picture . Where did u score this one ? Do u like it ? I like the lilac shade ..:smile:
  3. My yukon is ready . There are a few pics but i dunno why photobucket's having a problem loading the other yukon pics ... I hope I can pay him tonight and get it mailed out soon . It's pretty , I hope it's equally so in real life ! :smile:

  4. Bernie, your yukon is so pretty, I also like the white in it.
    Yes, I like Claire very much (both Claires!:giggles:smile: and I am glad, that I decided to get it.
    The pictures on etsy were not very good but it is really pretty and it is also the only guatemalan bangle that I saw so far.
  5. And it was the last one, so I gave it a try! :smile:
  6. Had to smile at your remark about both claires . U are a sweetheart . The lilac looks very pretty and from picture it does not look treated . Treated jade usually appear very translucent , but yours looks like a work of nature . Be sure to consult our legendary bombshell , model , painter & geologist Claire . I love her awesome opinions :biggrin:

    And I must pick up some German from u should I visit . In high school my husband picked German for his second language , but he failed miserably unfortunately . So he did not go beyond ''Ich liebe Dich '' when I ask him what he remember lol ...
  7. Bernie, I hade to smile over your description of our Clairejune! :balloon:

    If your husband wants to say more than "Ich liebe dich", he could for example say :"Ich liebe dich unendlich" which means without ending!

    Btw, the german word for bombshell is "Bombe!
  8. I also dont think, that it is treated. But let us wait for the opinion of our bombshell!:heart:
  9. Uli, wonderful bangle. The lilac is beautiful. Where did u get this from?
  10. Thanks, Jadelover!
    It`s from exotic jades on etsy.
  11. Good morning ladies!! Wow, you all have given me such compliments! Thank you so much. You really know how to make a woman feel good!

    Udalrike, I am beyond flattered that you named her Claire! She's so lovely! I think it's amazing that you have a lavender and yellow jadeite from South America! It's so good as jade collectors to expand our horizons about where great jade comes from, which includes the untapped jadeite in the Americas and the nephrite from BC! About your bangle, there is no way that's treated! If it came from a Chinese company, it would be more likely, but then it wouldn't be called a SA jadeite either. There is a belief that jadeite comes from Burma, and perhaps other jadeites are somehow inferior. As production heats up in SA, maybe this perception will change as more icy jade called SA jade reaches the market. I think the bangle is GORGEOUS!! It has a special and very unique look to it. I know it's very hard to take pictures of some lavender colors. Some are photogenic, but some are not (this is also the case with my lavender). But even in the pictures, I can tell just how lavender it is. It has a wonderful milky quality to it and seems very soothing, rooted in earth but with windows of lavender thoughts, hopes, dreams. The yellow parts are like a confetti of emotion, bits of emotive joy in it. A lovely, wonderful bangle! Congratulations for such a unique and 'out of the box' bangle!
  12. Bernie, YOU are such a sweetheart too! You are wonderful! I think your Yukon is absolutely fabulous! When you have it in hand, I'm sure the white streaks will blend into the green much more, only to show when you hold it up to the light or look for them. I love the thickness of yours too. I bought the first one on this thread, and since then, I actually can see that he's gotten better at carving these! The proportions look even better on yours, Tiffin's and Jadelover's! Mine is compartively thinner in thickness. All of yours have a nicer curve and thickness. It's wonderful to see his evolution! I am so happy for you and am excited to see the modeling pictures!!! It will look fantastic with all of your greens!
  13. Junkempo, that image of the woman and her! Look at how confident and effortless she seems dripping in precious green!! Lucky lady!

    I agree, the yukon, Iroh, and the princess round from jj are major capstones of your collection! You have collected such a well rounded and fitting collection too. I agree to, that growing up, I favored blues, but as I get older, the yellow, oranges and reds have captivated me so much that they are a must!

    Thanks also, for the compliment on the antique one. I'm really starting to appreciate it more because of the feedback I've been getting from you all about it!
  14. Thanks very much for all you have written, Claire!
    It is not really yellow but cream-coloured and lavender and there are some little brown spots on one side.
    It is good to know that Claire likes Claire!;)

    What do all of you think of this combination?

  15. Druzy, thanks so much for the feedback and compliment on the antique! You are right, that it is a true fulushu. I've noticed that It's hard to find any. Are they just bought up immediately, or rare to begin with?
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