The J Crew girl is everywhere this year!

  1. Lol, ok, so I guess I should know this woman's name, but I don't. I've only seen her in the J Crew catalogue over the last several years, and I've always thought that she was very pretty. If you look at the J Crew catalogue, you'll recognize her instantly, here's a link to her picture:

    She models practically everything for J Crew. Well, this year, she's modeling practically everything in general! Here she is at Anthropologie:

    Here she is at Talbots:

    She is everywhere! I guess it shows how successful she is as a model, but it's sort of funny to see all the clothing I browse being modeled by the same person! I'm waiting for her to show up on Anymore sitings, or anyone know who she is?
  2. Ha ha...that's funny. Good for her!