the itty bitty square on GP hardware . . . .

  1. an interesting point has come up on the eBay finds thread, and i thought i's move the discussion over here to see what we can figure out.

    so you know that tiny square in gold plated hardware? i identified an e-bay find as a fake because that litte square contained the letters GB over BB, and i had been told by one of our best authenticators that on genuine hermes it should contain a teeny, tiny horse. but the bag with the hardware i questioned is reliably said to have come from a boutique and seller is one of the good guys. :confused1:

    what's interesting is that the bag that i had been looking at when i was told about the horse ALSO had the letters GB over BB in the square, and both that bag and the one currently being looked at are mini (20cm) kellys. is it possible that the GP stamp on the mini hardware is different from other GP hardware? (ninja sue, are you out there? what's on your minis' gold hareware?)

  2. You know, after you and I discussed this the other day, I ran home to look at the h/w of my navy and rouge H minis. It is sooooo tiny, but the boxes do not appear to have any letters in them. They appear to have an image of something, which I guess could be a horse. I don't have a jewelers loupe, though so it is hard to tell!
  3. check through a magnifying glass or the mirror which enlarges ur face opposite to the normal mirror(compact)
  4. When I get home this afternoon, I will take a close up shot of the little box on all three of my mini Kellys. Will post it and see whose eyes are good enough to discern what is depicted in those damn small boxes!
  5. No way! All that is stuffed inside that tiny box? Can't wait to take a pic and blow it up!
  6. Oh, wow, I allways thought it was a horse like that what they put on all the gold?
  7. thanks HG! i looked for it after you told be about that thread, but didn't manage to find it.

    i've got a loupe around here somewhere . . . must see whether i can locate it and look at my gold plackets. under a magnifying glass all i can tell is that they are definitely NOT letters of the alphabet in there.
  8. It could also change through the ages - would be my thought.
    Can we all check?
  9. OK Ladies I just checked mine, Y in circle stamp, 28 box Kelly. Pretty much resembles the horse's head, most definitely no letters. Hmmm...
  10. Well this is fascinating.:p I've never tried to examine what's inside that little square before, only noticed that it was there.

    I actually found a jeweler's loupe (for once the habit of collecting things I didn't know I needed came in handy) and can at least clear up part of the mystery. The design has definitely changed over time. It appears that what's inside the square is exactly the same on the plates with the newer font (the font with Hermes-Paris stretched out longer and wider). On the earlier bags I own with gold HW and the earlier font though (Hermes-Paris not stretched out - for want of a better description), the design is completely different.

    Here's what's interesting. Neither of them looks like sandia exchange's pic (I'm not assuming hers isn't correct also, just that the design may have changed): the current one appears to be 3 separate images and I can't make out what they're supposed to be - I can't clearly identify a horse or anything else!). The earlier one is different and I can't accurately describe it either.......

    I apologize for my vague descriptions, but I honestly can't tell what the details are (and I definitely couldn't capture it in a photo). My only contribution here I guess is that they're different, so I assume that it has to have changed over time. (All of mine are directly from the boutique, so there's no issue there.)
  11. My 1993 and 2006 bags have the same stamp, it resembles the horse's head.
  12. That is awesome! I always assumed that it was some sort of hallmark/trademark just like you find on sterling silver pieces, but I never went to the lenghts to blow it up to see exactly what it was. Horse makes perfect sense! It would be very difficult to copy and in a pinch if all else failed, Hermes could identify their product.
  13. [​IMG]

    Wow! I'm going to have to check when I get home! Thanks for the link HG!