The Italian Job

  1. I'm in Milan, ladies!!

    I arrived last night after a late flight (what else is new?)

    This is tonight's picture of the H wreckage. I've only JUST arrived and that's what arrives...


    Bracelet with palladium and snowflakes!!

    PM Clarisse

    PM Carmencita in Chocolate but I want to return it because what I wanted was a TPM (and the Milan store has gazillions)

    I got the bracelet and Carmencita at the CDG store, as well as the roll of ribbon :biggrin:

    Also, for those of you looking for heart cadenas, hippos and pegasii, there are plenty of untouched ones at the store! It's the Milan Via Sante Andrea one.
  2. Beautiful, Perja! And to think this is only your FIRST DAY!!!!!!!

    Keep us posted on the goodies as they come along!!!!! Any bags?
  3. WOW Perja!! Gorgeous items, congratulations!! Cant wait to see what ull get in day 2! lol
  4. Wow!!! Love that PM Clarisse!!! This might sound dumb but what do u use it for?? To store receipts or flat objects? That is a beautiful color!!! AND your snowflake bracelet is GORGEOUS!! CONGRATS!!! Pls. keep us up to date on ur trip and pls. post pics of any new goodies!!!
  5. love everything! :love:
  6. Congratulations, PERJA!!:yahoo:

    Can't wait to see what the entire trip brings you and you BRING HOME! Everything is Gorgeous, and I love that Camencita!!

    Take Care, and Have a GREAT TRIP!:heart:
  7. Oooh you are lucky!! Enjoy...
  8. Thats what i like to see someone who hits the ground running (to Hermes).... Love your bits that purse is yummy is it fushia?
  9. Beautiful! Cannot wait to see what comes next!!!
  10. Love everything!!! Darn it I think I *need* a Carmencita!!! Love it!!! :yahoo:
  11. Oh...lucky you! What's next?
  12. i love your loot..... any birkins around? heheh... enjoy your trip...
  13. Cute title, P. ;)

    LOVE the goodies!

    And that's great news about the Milan store. Do they have the new cadenas yet?

    [edit] What's the roll of ribbon from?
  14. Erm, just the Paris in the air :biggrin:

    And the Clarisse is Rouge vif. What else? ;)

    There was a gorgeous bearn compact but alas, in Vermillion.
  15. You lucky thing! Have fun!