The IT bags of 2013-2014


Jul 15, 2007

Which bags do you think have reached the status of IT bags this year?
And which of these will continue to reign as must haves next year?
Finally, which bags do you think will become timeless classics, much like the Chanel classic flaps or the birkin..

I think the Celine Luggage and Trapeze bags will...

Waiting to hear from you all!!


Sky Luma
Sep 23, 2010
I see more and more of the Prada saffiano totes around. They might become the new It bag.

I think Marc Jacobs discontinued designs (he has discontinued his entire quilted collection, stams, singles and etc) will be dated, especially for the stam. But I'd argue that his quilted large single is still a classic design. I still love them though.

I can't wait to hear everyone's thoughts!


Sep 3, 2013
The Coach Borough definitely seems to be the "IT" bag of the moment. With so many celebs carrying it, the Borough seems to be popular, especially if you head over to that thread. The lower price point means it will be ubiquitous and people will grow tired of it quickly.

Mansur Gavriel seems to be having a moment as well, but that the designs are so basic, I doubt that the line will stand the test of time.

Another simple bag that seems to be trending is the Everlane Petra Tote. Daily Mail posted an article about it and its waitlist. Easily a bag that can be carried for a lifetime, I'm not sure of the longevity of the line. I hope Everlane's around for quite some time because I love what they're doing though.

For classics, I agree with Prada Saffiano Tote. Simple, structured, recognizable to those who follow purses without being over the top.

I think the Chanel Boy Bags will remain in rotation as well because Chanel's typically are just classic. Once the hype fades, they'll be pulled out of the closet periodically as a vintage Chanel bag and a flurry will start again.


Jul 15, 2007
I agree with the Chanel boy bag being an IT bag well on the way to bein a classic!
Also I know anything Hermes is truly classic but I have to say that the Evelyne seems to the IT bag of the year here in Mumbai.. everyone either has it or is buying it right now...