the "IT" bag

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  1. what would you say is the bag to have now?
    im trying to decide what to buy and i've been wanting a Balenciaga Giant City, and was planning to buy one, but im told that it's old news now?!??!

    it's a big purchase and i want to make the right one so...

    what is the "IT" bag today??? :smile:
  2. You don't want an "It" bag. You want what you like. If you have wanted a Bal City then you should go for it. Don't let other people sway what YOU want. "It" bags generally end up highly faked and then tossed aside the following season or two.
  3. This.

    What other people say or think is fashionable doesn't matter when you're the one that has to wear it and like it. I know I for one wouldn't ever bother spending upwards of 1k on what someone else thinks is nice, especially when it's for me! Don't let other peoples' opinions dictate your sense of style.
  4. Be your own person and buy what you want! I still carry an ancient black Prada nylon duffle bag, and an even more ancient suede Prada bowler. And I also carry a Balenciaga Twiggy!
  5. well if you like the Bal you should get it! but i think right now it's the Celine
  6. There are several threads on TPF about the so-called "it" bag. I would do a search.
  7. ^^^^ ita!!!!
  8. "IT" bags are a waste of money, you want to buy something that is going to stay a classic forever unless you have a ton of disposable income, the it bag will look so washed up in a season or two and then you'll just be that girl carrying the bag nobody wants to look at anymore. Remember Chloe paddington bags?!