The It Bag is No More

  1. Published: Monday, August 21, 2006 WWD
    Taking the 'It' Out of Top Items
    By Jennifer Hirshlag
    NEW YORK — Accessories are still fashion's driving force, but the "It" bag just isn't it anymore.

    While no one is predicting sales in the category are about to slow, the concept of the "It" item, crucial over the last few seasons, is rapidly waning. Companies are introducing myriad styles hoping to capitalize on the continuing boom in demand for accessories, while consumers are taking a more personal approach to pulling together an ensemble and relying less on one key look, executives said.


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  2. I'm happy that people are focusing more on their personal, individual, styles than over publicized looks. I'm not for the mass collectives :wlae:
  3. I agree! I was actually thinking it was just me thinking there's no real "It" bag so much anymore.
    Every designer has it's fans and each designer has some of their own great "It" bags IMO.
    I know Chanel has a few this season that are special and unlike past Chnels, as LV does too adn even Gucci.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. There doesnt seem to be ONE bag that everyone is dying for. Its nice to see such an array of bags on peoples shoulders.

    I agree with Swanky - Chanel has really stepped it up this season. There are so many bags that are drool worthy.
  5. i must be sooo happy about this. i hate the term of the "IT" bag which only created by the industry and media to booze selling.
    when there's too many "IT" bag, it would be "THEM" bags anyway as it seems today LOL
  6. swanky, not meaning to hijack this thread but i was stunned by your avatar? what is it? it looks sooo adorable.
  7. I kind of think Chanel might be the it designer this season, but it is impossible to choose ffrom all the gorgeous bags at Chanel!
  8. seahorse, it's a newborn puppy!
    KathyD e-mailed me a whole bunch of pics of sweet animals! isn't he adorable!?
  9. "Drool-worthy" -- I LOVE it! I think that may be my new favorite adjective! :P
  10. phew finally! i thnk ysl is strong in rtw this accessories... louboutin shoes.
  11. I'm happy also..I hate how there's only one certain thing that's "IT" and nothing else. I like the new theory of carrying bags you like, not just carrying bags because they're what's "hot."
  12. I never really cared what bag was "it" for the season. I just got what I like.
  13. Yep yep hehe ;)
    that's good to hear
  14. I agree, very well said :yes:
  15. I totally agree with all the above - I think "it" bags were only an invention of the global luxury brands in conjunction with fashion journalists, reinforced by sending loads of free stuff to celebs so they could declare a bag "it" when photographed on the arm of so and so.
    Each person likes different things and all types of bags are beautiful, style lies in realising what suits you and not some dodgy celeb.