The It-Bag -A-Day Giveaway at Bluefly

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  1. Check this out at The game is on till April 28th.:biggrin:
  2. I remember a few years ago, they were giving Hermes...
  3. I used to be obsessed with those giveaways.:shame: No more!!!:lol:
  4. Oh yea!!! I'm game!
  5. This is great, but not applicable to Canada...we always get the rough end of the stick!
  6. I just did it and picked the wrong bag. Bummer!
  7. Hehehehe...I always give my husband's email so I can play again and he gets bombarded by bluefly we go again...LOL

    I never win anything though...what a bummer!
  8. Does anyone win? Ever? I'm playing this, too.
  9. I never win this thing!!!!
  10. Argh, I never win either :suspiciou
  11. LOL. I gave them my ex's email so I could play again.

    I won free shipping, hooray?

    Do you know if the code can be used more than once? LOL.

    If anyone wants free shipping I'll post it.
  12. Just checking: it is random, right? The bags just keeps flashing, there is no way to pick the "right" one by sight, I guess...
  13. ^^^thats what I was thinking too, its so silly! But that wont stop me from trying anyway :lol:
  14. Sadly it's only for US residents (sigh!).
  15. Those giveaways used to make me crazy. When they were giving away the Hermes bags, I played almost everyday except once...If only i hadn't missed that one day. I'll bet that would have been the day. :suspiciou

    Yeah, right.:lol:
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