The "Is That Real?" Club

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  1. Welcome to Club ITR?

    It finally happened to me last night at dinner. I brought out my lil mono speedy 25 for some air and one of the women we were dining with asks me as we are leaving, "is that a real Louis Vuitton?" :shocked: :confused1: :noggin:

    I don't know why this bugs me so much and it bugs me that it bugs me. I answer, "of course it is!":cursing:

    I started this thread to keep track of how many times I/we get asked this stupid question.

    Feel free to visit daily or weekly to share your stories and keep score!
  2. Hi. I've never been asked the question, "Is it real?" since all of my friends, family, and co-workers know what a fanatic I am about LV. But, on the flip side, whenever I see a fake LV, I get mad!! I was in an LV store once when I saw a young girl and her mom walk in carrying a fake LV! What nerve!!! I do wonder once in a while if other people think that I'm carrying a fake.... but I walk with confidence knowing that I do have the real thing!!! Not to mention that my regular SA can vouch for me!!!
  3. My sister asked me, "Is that real?", of my LV petite bucket. So that's one point for me!! What do I win???

  4. maybe at the end of the month, whoever has the most points should win something, no?:lol:
  5. I´ve had people ask me "that´s real right?" so not as blatant as is it real.
  6. you can have 1/2 point for that.;)
  7. Lol thanks :P
  8. I get that...always from the same aquantances..."is it real?"...five minutes later "it's real isn't it" time I see them "that's real right?".....:shocked:
  9. my sister.. her friends.. her friends' friends. every so often. it's usually for the same thing, or things i've had forever that they just haven't seen until recently.
  10. oh my goodness. the other day someone i barely knew came up to me (i was with about 5 other people) and asked me why i carried around fake louis vuitton bags O_O i was in SHOCK. i was carrying my almost brand new speedy and i was SO upset because i had not spent that much money to have some weirdos telling me that my bag was a fake... he went on for about 30 minutes telling the other people i was with that it was a fake lv and i was SO angry and frustrated. i calmly told everyone that this boy didnt know what he was talking about and told them that this was an authentic lv and then everyone started to TOUCH it :wtf:........ eventually they all believed that it was real but i was so pissed. im still pissed.
  11. wow, tarabag, that sucks! don't let get to you though, there will always be ignorant rude people out there trying to bring you down.
  12. I think he likes you!!!:nuts:
  13. The mean old SA at LV SCP who said that I wasn't looking on their site for the sticky notes for my agenda.. She asked to see my agenda.. UGH Haha what other site sells Damier PM Agenda sticky notes??
  14. I had that happen to me at dinner, too. I was carrying a pink Chanel flap bag and the ladies next to me just happened to strike up a conversation about fake bags as I was walking to the ladies room. I wanted to tell them, mine is not a fake, but I don't know if they were talking about me or not.
    I felt ticked off!
    Maybe I should start carrying all the receipts with me.
  15. I get asked ALL the time and it usually goes something like this:

    Them: "Where did you get your LV bag?"

    Me: "Louis Vuitton store/boutique"

    Them: "Oh, so it's real then?"

    Me: :s "Is this a trick question?":wacko: