The Irwin's Last Family Photoshoot with Steve

  1. These pictures are the last pictures of the Irwin family before Steve passed away. These pictures were supposed to be in the next months issue of Vanity Fair to help promote the show he was working on with his daughter Bindi. The sad thing is that these pictures were taken only 5 weeks ago! :crybaby:I seriously want to crawl under a rock and looks like he truely loved his family dearly. will be missed.:heart:
    irwininc2_200.jpg irwininc3_200.jpg irwininc4_200.jpg
  2. Oh my goodness, that is so desperately sad. My heart is in pain for his wife and kids.
  3. so sorry for what they are going through right now... my prayers are with them..
  4. :crybaby: My heart goes out to his wife and kids.

    The last time my DH and I went to the zoo, Steve happened to be there making an appearance and it was beautiful to watch him interact with his kids. Even from the distance where we were, it was obvious how much he really loved his kids.
  5. I feel really sad for them...huhuhu..
  6. That picture makes me want to cry. *sigh*
  7. It's so upseting, my prayers go out the family.
  8. so heartbreaking. it just tears me up inside.
  9. Painful to look at these. My heart breaks for his family.
  10. :crybaby: :cry: my prayers go out to his family. I still havnt realized he is gone,I loved watching his shows with the animals. Its so depressing that he is gone!.
  11. Those pictures are is truly heart breaking.

    Guess what's the animal of the week in my day planner? A sting ray. How ironic.
  12. Sooo sad! :crybaby:
  13. I know I still don't really believe it either.
    I'm tearing up here, this is soooo sad.
  14. That is so f**ked up, I can only look at those photos for half a second...
  15. those are fabulous pics , especially the last one.

    I feel so sorry for the family, Bindi wa sa really Daddy's girl & it really shows in these.

    Isn't it strange just how he effected all our lives so much, I didn't even realise he had any effect on me unti lI heard the news. I hate paffy outpourings of grief over celebrities, but honestly, in Styeves case, I think hes so much more than some damb assed celebrity who just made films or ate in a fancy restaurant or stumbled out of a nightclub at 4am. He actually did something, something wonderful & for that we will never forget him. I would be the proudest person on earth if any of my kids ever have even half the respect & love of animals he had.

    A great, great man.