The Iron Core Way - Kettlebells

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  1. Has anyone ever tried this workout? I heard some good stuff about this and that a lot of celebrities used this method to get really fit for movies. I am almost convinced but not sure if I should invest so much money in this..
  2. My personal trainer bought some to start using on his clients, I'll be starting this week w/ them possibly.
    He SWEARS by them and says they're like NOTHING else.
  3. I plan on purchasing one with the video...they have them at Target for pretty cheap and the kettlebell things come in different weights. :smile:
  4. my brothers use them, they're really effective. i'd be using them too if they didn't only have the super heavy ones, i need to buy some lighter ones :push:
  5. is this any different from weight training with dumbbells?
  6. The actors for the movie 300 used kettlebell training to get in shape for the film. Judging by their physiques, I'd say it was effective :graucho:
  7. I'd say so!:nuts:
  8. Charles, the difference is how the weight is distributed. The great thing is you don't need sets of these. Instead of doing curls and stuff you can swing them and do snatches.
    I missed my training session last Thursday and my trainer wants a specific # of sessions under my belt before starting them w/ me so hopefully by next Tuesday I can start w/ them.
    He said they're unbelievably effective and yield quick results, he said he noticed changes in his own body after about 6 workouts.
    He's pretty stoked, he just ordered more and said he could easily train someone for a year w/ them, a stability ball and resistance band only and that's w/ changing up their workout every 6 weeks.
  9. ^ That's awesome, let us know how you like it! I would like to buy one of those stability balls as well.

  10. The actors from the movie 300 actually used a crossfit program to get in shape for the movie. Kettlebells are used in a few of the excercise in the program. Never heard of "The Iron Core Way." Hmmm, should ask DH what he thinks about it. But like he always says, everything works as long as you stick to it.
  11. Not to sound crazy or any thing, but me and my honey were talking about these, and I was a little worried about them hitting my leg or something, I don't know if I am coordinated enough to use them, and end up killing myself! They scare me a little..
  12. ^this is why my gym will never buy them my trainer said.
    He bought his out of his own pocket and will have to train me in a private room so as not to be a liability. You could easily sling one apparently.
  13. I have taken a kettle bell class at Peak Performance. I was only able to last about 30 minutes of the 45 minute class. It was extremely difficult and I was sore for the next 2 days, please keep in mind that I work out regularly and always try different techniques but kettlebells are really intense. I would love to go back and take some more classes but the studio is out of my way unfortunately and my gym does not have the equipment. I highly recommend taking a class the first time you use kettle bells or using them with a personal trainer because they can be dangerous to yourself and others if not used properly.
  14. ^:yes: my trainer says the same thing, much more intensive and different because how the weight is distributed.
    We didn't do it today, hopefully next week! I'm dying to try them!
  15. Very cool! Swanky, let us know how it goes! I saw this on E! News a couple weeks ago...