The iridescent Caviar - Pros and cons

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  1. Hello Everyone, Please share your experience with the the iridescent caviar on Chanel classic? Any pros and cons? Are they more durable than the aged calf? What about color tranfer and the fading of the iridescent on the leather? There's a light blue on in 2.55 flap that is just gorgeous. Your feedback in advance would be much appreciated!
  2. To be fair on this thread, there are two known types of iridescent caviar; the shiny kind and the suede-like kind. It would be useful if posters would identify the type they are commenting about, as many of us would love this information. :smile:

    I will say, I think aged calf is more durable than either.
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    The suede version. There's a beautiful light blue sueded iridescent caviar in the 225 of the reissue 2.55 flap, which I don't see often in a 2.55 bag. It's more of a soft blue than the usual dark colors that I mostly see the 2.55 bag in...

    By the way, there is a crease on the bottom of the bag. SA said this is normal for reissue 2.55 flaps?
  4. Suede version it is (although I'd also love to hear about the shiny one, too). :smile:
    I will tell you that creases aren't normal for regular 2.55 flaps. I don't own a suede iridescent, but I have read on here from some that they are dirt magnets. I can't wait to read more, especially as more of these bags come in, as they are going to be featured heavily it seems in the 13P bags.
  5. Is suede the same as soft caviar?
  6. I'm not too sure... It is not as structured as the usual caviar bags, but not as soft as the lambskins. I'm just worry about the maintance of the bag. So really looking forward to hear other tpf's comments. Thanks in advance.
  7. I was looking at the suede version yesterday and i did not like it. The texture was rubbery and it felt weird. Then the metallic shininess of it was kinda throwing me off. I was looking at a light blue iridescent suede reissue and I thought the suede actually made the bag appear used looking eventhough it's a brand new bag. I have no idea, it's just not my thing. It'll stick to the classic caviar.
  8. I do not like the sueded caviar. I've been waiting for a caviar mini and I had to pass up on it because it was the sueded one. look so dull and matte and felt weird. Even my SA told me it attracts dust.
  9. The crease on the bottom is normal with Reissues. It lessens with time.
    I am not a fan of the sueded caviar. It attracts dirt and I have been told it cannot be cleaned. I would be too worried about maintenance. Reissues in distressed calf are perfect. Very low maintenance and they look great day to night.
  10. The sueded caviar is GROSS. Sorry so blunt, but it's true. I came around a little bit to the "regular" iridescent. But the double flaps & price and turned me off from buying any more new Jumbos.

    Aged Calf reissues are definitely more durable than either.
  11. iridescent caviar is softer than regular caviar. I was told by my SA not to wear white and colored jeans when carrying the iridescent caviar. It is due to color transfer. My argument is, why pay so much and not being able to wear what I want with it! :amuse:
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  12. no thought needed.....aged calf all the way! way more durable than iridescent caviar in either of permutations.
  13. I am not a fan of sueded caviar. I am not sure why Chanel seems to keep having bags in this leather lately. It attracts dust and dirt in my mind and very hard to maintain.
  14. I got one in light beige last spring and I hate it. I wish I waited for the regular beige claire. So upset.
  15. There are some 2.55 in iridescent caviar in the chanel window rue cambon... I thought it looked lovely but extra pricey... And now obviously I know of the quality. It's a bit sad oh well I'll pass!