The Invisible Man (2000) - a little long

  1. Hi, all. I hope I'm not crossing any unwritten boundaries by writing about a cancelled show. I really loved The Invisible Man, an updated version of the H.G. Wells novel that aired on the SciFi channel a few years ago. It ran for two seasons, and had an audience of over a million viewers. It has aired in other countries since then, and I think some are just now getting it.

    Filled with snappy dialogue and impressive special effects (the lead actor did all his own stunts), this show was really fun and funny, but had it's dramatic moments, too. The thing fans seem to love about it most is the interaction between the characters. They all just gelled perfectly, knowing when to be serious, and when to be funny.

    The show was cancelled when negotiations for a package deal between SciFi and the production company fell through.

    Amanda Rogers, an independent filmmaker, has gotten commitments from all of the original cast members to make a new film based on this great show. She is still trying to get the legal rights to the show. If anyone here is a fan or former fan, or would just like to help out a young filmmaker, please go to The Invisible Man & Shoom Zone Productions Petition and sign the petition asking that Amanda Rogers and her new production company, ShoomZone Productions, be granted permission to adapt the show.

    To learn more about the show, I recommend and The Invisible Man Fan Club. Thank you very much!