The insult chain game

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  1. Every post begins with an insulting answer, and ends with a question about yourself, so that the next poster can insult you.

    Here goes:

    This game sucks.
    Who else wants to play?
  2. I want to play, but not with you.

    Is anyone else interested?
  3. I don't find this interesting at all.

    Can I give you a better idea?
  4. Your idea would just be boring.

    Who else has another idea.
  5. Nobody appointed you as judge of my ideas.

    Is someone able to explain this to caitlin?

    (P.S. Caitlin! I find this game very funny! :roflmfao:)
  6. Hell no, who do you think I am?? Your personal teacher??

    Who else here finds tPF a damn drug addiction??
  7. Drug addiction?! I'm not a junkie at all.

    Do you need some good addresses for rehab?
  8. Nope. I already got the addresses from your mom.

    What time is it? I gotta go...
  9. ^^ OMG your response! I LOL. haha

    What, you can't afford a watch?

    Can someome buy her a watch please?
  10. ^Why are you making fun of her for being poor when you're begging, yourself? Why don't YOU buy her a watch, or are you too good for it?

    Can someone please buy Gucci Coochie a clue?

    ( :roflmfao: this is a great idea until someone actually takes this seriously and gets insulted, and then the mods shut it down...)
  11. She wouldn't know what to do with a clue if it slapped her in the face.

    Why is everyone making so much freaking noise in here?
  12. Noise? You hear a noise? What the heck is wrong with your ears or bootleg computer cuz there's no audio for this forum!

    This is too easy, anything mind stimulating here?

    *I hope no one takes this thread seriously!
  13. A box of hair would stimulate YOUR mind; this thread might be beyond your comprehension!

    Are there any smart people out there?

    ( :roflmfao: )
  14. Judging from your post, no.

    I am expecting more low blows here!
  15. You seem to be a expert on low blows......

    Some people are getting cranky here.