The Inimitable Quelle Idole

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  1. I have fallen for the adorable Quelle Idole, would anyone know if there is any chance of still being able to find one? TIA! :flowers:
  2. Japanese resellers I guess.. I love them too but they are so tiny and yet so expensive...:sad:
  3. They are sooo cute. If I had a DD, I would so be getting one for her...:P
  4. Truly adorable! I thought I saw one at Luxury-zurich once.
  5. ^Yeah, that one was $10 grand.:sweatdrop:

    I've seen them for $5 grand. But it can only fit so much...and not much of a daily bag :crybaby::crybaby:

    Which one are you looking for?
  6. the japanese resellers carry them once in a blue moon, maybe a tpf member in asia could help you?
  7. You see them (rarely) on resellers.
  8. Gosh, I just saw one on a resellers page the other day, and I want to say that it was around $3500.

    Lemme think...
  9. I also looooove the Quelle Idolles! They are super cute!! I think your best bet is the Japanese resellers. I've seen some selling the quelle idolles for approx. $4000. I really don't see these bags around that much though, that's for sure.
  10. :yes: me too!

  11. TBH I'd be open to any colour because they are all so adorable
  12. Quelle Idole = KELLY DOLL :tender:
    I love the double meanning !!!
  13. I know....adorable huh!
  14. mooks, the Quelle Idole is adorable.
    I hope that you are able to find one. :smile:
    Good luck. :smile:
  15. Good luck on your search! I've already given up trying to find one for DD! LOL