The infamous Rodarte Shoe!!!

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  1. I have admired these forever.. MOre of a sculpture than a shoe that i will wear.

    Now i have a chance to possibly get it as my friend found one in my size and on sale.

    Should i ??? Anybody here who has this pair?


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  2. If you don't get them now, aren't you going to kick yourself forever for it?
  3. super cool!
  4. Ladies, thanks for the prompt reply !!!

    I get chest pain / palpitations whenever i see it... but i'm worried i will treat it as a piece of art and place it on my fireplace rather than use it...:P Maybe i will be happy seeing it on top of my fireplace?

    I only get to use these shoes when Im down in Los Angeles visiting friends and family... otherwise im in Oregon , working, going to the gym and playing with three young kids...

    And they are not work shoes!!!:P

    Oh well... i will keep you guys posted!!!

    My good friend emailed me the moment she saw this Nicholas kirkwood for rodarte shoes and claimed: I DIE. I saw the close up of these while reviewing the collection and I seriously thought I had died and gone to heaven…at least, I hope this is what people wear in heaven.
  5. How much would you pay for a piece of art? Even if you don't wear them...just sayin'.
  6. they are on sale where? how much?
  7. WOW these are pretty amazing! If you can afford to buy these then stop hestitating and go for it!!! Seriously, do not not think twice. These shoes are from a special collection and you might not ever see them again (especially on sale!!) even if you only get to wear them once a year you could always display them as art (like you mentioned) and/or give yourself a little mini vacation at home by just wearing them around the house! I have a few pairs of shoes that are super close to my heart (Tom Ford Gucci corsets and CL electric blue suede rolandos signed by the shoe god himself) and sometime when I'm having a bad day I whip them out and instantly feel better! Anyways I hope this helps! :P:P:P
  8. OP - tbh some of my shoes are piece of art that i'll never wear , they sit in the glass cabinet and yes i pay hefty prices for them :P . If you love them buy them hehehehhee
  9. boslvuton & immashoesaddict :biggrin:

    Thanks for the kind and enabling comments... really i feel that i should get it but my common sense ...

    I'm so close.... so so close .... in getting my first Nicholas Kirkwoods....:P:P
  10. Those are some special shoes, and if they make your heart go pitter-patter... do it! I promise you that you will find places to wear them if you want to, and if you want to just admire them, that's great too!
  11. Get it.
  12. GET THEM!!

    Like you said, you'll at least get to wear them when you visit friends in LA and personally I don't see anything wrong with just displaying them the rest of the time!! Doooo itttt!!
  13. wooowww! NK for Rodarte "on sale"?! Where exactly??:amuse:
    Get them and wear them!!
  14. lol OP i hope you get them! erm what common sense ???????

    Rule #1 being a shoe-addict - ALL COMMON SENSE AND LOGIC GOES OUT THE WINDOW ..when you find that particular shoe shoe that makes your heart skips beats & many many nights of sleep :biggrin:
  15. Uh hesitation???? BUY THOSE DARN SHOES! They are worth every penny even if its just to pet it.