The Infamous MIZI...

  1. I absolutely adore both the semi-new MIZI and KLARA... can anyone tell me why these are so hard to come by? eLuxury has yet to carry them and I have never seen one IRL. Living in SoCAL which is basically a fashion show for LV, I figured I would have seen one by now but haven't.
  2. They are already done production.
  3. They're hard to come by because they were seasonal bags.

    Eluxury had the monogram mizi and klara in stock for like 2 days on and off back when they first came out.... then they were never seen on eluxury again. i believe the mono.mizi is all sold out in boutiques
  4. I think there are two authentic Mizis floating around on ebay right now.
    One from the Mono line and one Mizi Vienna.
  5. Can you believe the Mono one with the BIN of $899 is FAKE? If you search completed auctions, she has sold several of the exact bag, same pics & all. She makes her auctions private so you can't see it in her feedback. I can't believe that people are being taken for so much $$ by this person!:rant: When I was searching on Ebay, before I snagged mine, I emailed her & asked where she got the bag. She told me she got it "At the LV counter in Ceaser's in Vegas" but she doesn't have the receipt. Uh-huh...:hrmm:
  6. OH!
    My bad. I didn't even see her past auctions. (and I usually check that first thing!)
    I thought that one was real!!
  7. It's a good one & apparently fooling LOTS of people!
  8. Yeah, by the time I really started getting into LV, all the Mizis were gone. I reeeeaaaaallly want one, but LV said my best bet was to go overseas...I'm not that desperate for one.
  9. The Mizi is such a classy bag. I'm so glad I was able to get one :love:

    Hopefully you will be able to find an authentic one on ebay. Someone may want to get rid of their in order to buy something new like many of us tend to do. :yes: