the INDIGO club!

  1. Have at it folks!
    Show us your little gems so we can all live vicariously through you!
  2. oooh give me until later this week ... I am waiting on something else indigo :angel:
  3. My new Indigo Agenda :love:
    indigoagenda.JPG indigoagendaopen.JPG
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Indigo is my favorite vernis color. Here is my collection and hope to someday add a cles as well.
  6. ^^^^Beautiful Bags !!!
  7. my turn turn..

    Indigo Bedford..

  8. AHHHH they're all SO gorgeous!
  9. The bedford is gorgeous--love the indigo!
  10. Here's my Indigo Thompson Street....

    What? You can't see it? EXACTLY, Because I SOLD it like a dummy. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

    Regrets, regrets. All the Indigos are beautiful girls, KEEP THEM! Trust me, you'll have reoccuring nightmares about their loss & whereabouts if you don't. lol. :heart:
  11. I came in here to ogle everyone's Indigo Vernis because I couldn't track one down myself. GayleLV you crack me up!
  12. two indigo goodies- can't figure out how to make the photo smaller- sorry

  13. I'm SO jelous i really Love Indigo it's my fave Vernis colour ! I was Gutted when i found out that they where all gone i got someone i know who works in Paris to check at the Champs Elysee for me but they had none either :sad: I love the pieces! if any of you get bored of them PM Me i will take them off your hands! i'm serious :nuts: i want a cles or something.But yea that colour is TDF ! :drool:
  14. i soo want some indigo pieces!! :hysteric: