The incredible unstoppable shopmom

  1. Shopmom noticed that I have been longing for an Hermes whip.(for equestrian use, please note!) She has found me one in San Francisco. Not only that, she has offered to help arrange to get it sent to me. Is there nothing this gal cannot enable?! Where would we be without her, and others like her. What a forum!
    May I say a very public "Thank You!" to her,before I shuffle off to bed, very emotionally I might tell you. It's heading for 1.30 a.m. here in South Africa.
    Thank you everyone for making this such a great, friendly, supportive forum.
  2. WOW! Congrats on your whip, and YAY!! for shopmom :smile:
  3. Shopmom is the best!!
  4. That's terrific lolo! Wow for Shopmom!! That is so sweet!
  5. That is so sweet! Congrats!
  6. congrats! wow, an hermes whip?? how freaking cool!! now that's what i call a luxury item!!! LOL

    shopmom isn't called shopMOM for nothing...she seems to take very good care of her hermes shopping children! YAY!!
  7. shopmom, i know where to find you if and when i need something! LOL!
  8. She's the best!! Enjoy your whip!
  9. Congrats on the whip, lolo (wow, I never thought I'd say that on a public board - LOL!!). Shopmom, you are, indeed, the best!
  10. Damn, Shopmom, I'm looking for a Benz CLK500 in White with beige interior 20" chrome Giovanni rims and I want it to jump up and down the way they do in those MTV rap videos, I think they call it hidrolics, can you find one for me?
  11. Shopmom is excellent. She's the first person to ever PM me with the whereabouts of a bag I desired. Silly me waited instead of acting and lost out on good purchase. I won't make that mistake again.
  12. That is AWESOME lolo!!! Shopmom is the best!!!
  13. Congrats Lolo!!! D is the best!
  14. Shopmom should change her name to enablermom!

    Congrats, lolo, on your new whip. Don't be to hard on the elephants next door!!!
  15. wow, congrats on your "whip", hehehe.

    yay for shopmom:yahoo: