The 'in' nail polish color

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  1. I know black was really hot a few months ago, but I am assuming that with summer time kicking it black will be out.

    What is the new trend?? :confused1:
  2. bright pastels and hot neons. i've been using a lot of corals, fuschia, and sparkling pinks.
  3. I think that looks great on some people but not so much on my :sad: I have olive skin....any other choices?
  4. I just read in Life & Style that it's white....showed a pic of Scarlett Johannson with white nails. It looked fresh and pretty for summer!
  5. Pale pales... I just bought OPI Sweet Heart and essie Sold Out Show. Its almost bridal! But that's what was being shown at my nail salon last week.
  6. Anothe option to a true white color is ESSIE color Like linen....still a white look, just not as harsh.
    Corals are crazy in where I live.
  7. Neons! and they look well hot with olive skin! i have olive skin and i think neons look gorgeous against my skin tone, very summery aswell!
  8. white and brights
  9. gold, champagne, copper, or anything metallic looks good on olive skin. metallics are still in.
  10. I'd just like to say, white ! :yes:
  11. I have olive skin too and anything bright like corals and pinks work well. Just find a shade that's on the warmer side.
  12. White and bright, definitely. Has anyone tried the new Chanel Heatwave or Orange Blossom? I saw them on the web site but didn't notice them when I was in Bloomies last.
  13. I agree neons are very hot at the mo
  14. I just bought the new Chanel Orange Blossom and it looks great. They were out of Heatwave but should have more in a few days. (White Plains Bloomies.)
  15. I don't know if this is "in" or not, but I bought a bottle of OPI DS Signature the other day and it looks terrific. It is from their line of polishes infused with diamond dust (whatever that means.) It is sparkly, but not killer-only-for-evening. I've been wearing it to work all week and it is just fine. Pretty mauvey color, dried with no streaks, and wearing well.