The Impossible Quiz

  1. I found this today and this game/quiz is VERY addicting! I've made it to about the 45th question so far, but I think there are 80+ questions!! Think about each question very carefully before you pick an answer! Have fun, this quiz is genius!
  2. This is fun! It's one of those "Think Outside the Box" things.
  3. Hey Caitlin!
    You literally click "the answer", you don't click any of the "out of order" answers, lol, get it? A lot of the questions are tricky like that one!
    I've made it to question 57 now!!

    Edit: Lol, I just saw that you edited your post! Well, the above is the answer to question four!
  4. Yeah, I just figured it out! I have problems with the Click the Smallest question, though.
  5. oh good grief, this IS addicting...
  6. lol!! how fun!
  7. I did this a few months ago. It's addicting. I know there are over 100 questions.
  8. That one took forever for me to figure out!! You click the dot above the "i" in "Click"
  9. OHHH! Okay! Thanks!
  10. Okay, what's supposed to be the correct answer for 24 - 7?
  11. ^It's 17, but since 17 isn't one of the choices, you click the 17 next to the problem.
  12. Okay, thanks.

    I want to get far in this game, dammit.
  13. Okay, enough of this. I'll try again later.

    I got to the Watch Carefully question before I gave up.
  14. ^LOL, it takes time to get far. It seems that it took me forever to get to where I am, and I still can't get past 58.
  15. I don't get it...was this made up by a fourth grader? It didn't seem to have much of a point to me. I sure don't find it "addicting" (in that I want to take it more than once).