The important decision I have made.. :-)

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  1. Hey!

    Well I have come to a decision which I think I am very happy with. While I am obsessed with LV, I have decided that instead of my next bag being the BH, I am going with Coach. I hope I dont get hate because of this..:crybaby: but my mom and I recently took a trip to the coach store and I feel in love with some of their totes and I do have a big California trip I need to save up for..So I am pretty content with my Speedy being my only LV for awhile now but I will continue my dream of buying their smaller items such as a Damier Azur Pochette, an Agenda, a cles and a cosmetique. I am still gonna come on here to show my appreciation of everyone elses' bags and post up my small accessories!:yahoo:

    Cant wait until my DH finishes Engineering school.and I finish getting my bachelors...I will definently start up my LV collection again!!
  2. We all do what we must and since this is the best thing for you to do financially, than you should, besides you'll always have the chance to drool over all the new bags posted up!
  3. That's the great thing about LV, Socalgrl, is that it will ALWAYS be there waiting for you! Coach is seasonal and so if you see something you like you have to get it right away or it's gone. Hope to see you around the forum!!! :smile:
  4. Im not gonna hate you i really think that this is extremely mature of you. Your other priorities (vacation, etc.) should come first if thats what you want and the possibly of being in debt over handbags is well..pointless IMO :smile:
  5. There are still a ot of coaches I like a lot. If you like it go for it :smile:
  6. Whatever floats your boat! I love LV, and Coach too, so no "hatin" here. Just got the new catalogue and there are some bags in there that are TDF! Wish I weren't on a purse ban....
  7. I dont think we will hat you! It is ok! When you have more money,and less expenses you can always go back to your Louis! He will be waiting for you always! I also have seensome coach bags, that I might soon!
  8. Thanks guys! :smile: I know Louis will always be there..but I still need my LV fix which is why I am sticking to smaller items for now! Lol.. was your disney vacation? I bet you had fun! :smile:
  9. Good decision. I agree, coach is seasonal, and if you see something you like, go for it, because it won't be there next time. LV will though! I recently went to the Coach outlet here in Cabazon, and I picked up a travel bag as well! :wlae:
  10. me too and the freaking sunglasses toward the back are HOT!!!!!:love:

    i want those....

    I love my LVs but i like coach too!!! I am on an LV ban for a while too. BUt Coach will be my constant campanion.
  11. Of course we don´t hate you!! Get whatever bag you want! Have a fun trip to California:flowers:
  12. Enjoy your Coach tote--they have some lovely ones and it will be more practical for you right now! Stick aorund though and show us your accessories when you do get them! :flowers:
  13. Very mature thing to do...It's hard saying no to yourself, but when money situations and life say otherwise, you have to bow to that pressure. Times change and your fortune will also. Best of luck with your studies...enjoy your new Coach.
  14. great decision- and coach has some BEAUTIFUL bags out (sunglasses, too!) great & smart decision!
  15. i'm happy for ya. it's a very mature decision (: sometimes we all hanker for things we can't have or shouldn't have!

    i hope your coach bag will bring ya much joy. and no worries, lv will be waiting for ya!!!