The Importance of Watermarks.. Didn't Know until Now.

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  1. I haven't been watermarking any of my pictures, which I didn't think was a big deal. Today, I got a notification from poshmark saying that someone commented on one of my bags. She wanted to do a trade, so I looked in her closet and OMG, she has my etain b that I JUST revealed a couple of weeks ago on there. It had the yellow flower and everything in the background. She claimed it as hers and was selling it for $20k. WTH.

    I reported the picture and her to the site. I also messaged her saying that she stole my picture from tpf. She deleted it immediately after. Makes me so mad. I will FOR SURE watermark all of my photos from now on.

    How do I do that though? Is there an app that I can download?
  2. if you use an iPhone, there are several apps, the one i use is iWatermark and i almost always watermark every single photo i post. people steal all pics, but i have been told there are apps that delete watermarks too... i just think maybe the extra work they have to do to get rid of the watermark may deter some of them.
  3. Thanks, dear. Going to download it now. Wow.. Apps to delete watermarks...
  4. Geesh, that's awful! Good thing you were notified. I haven't figured out how to post pics yet but I'd be sure to add watermark. Thanks @Carlinha for the app suggestions.
  5. I recently started watermarking my pics too. Don't want any of them stolen! I also use watermark app.
  6. OMG! I'd never added any on my pics too....
  7. OMG! I've NEVER watermarked any of my pictures! Fortunately mine are mostly of scarves & maybe one or two are of my Bs! I still don't know how to watermark my pictures yet. Can anyone help? I am using Android. Thx!
  8. I never did it too till a fellow tpf member reminded me... I use photobucket and just add my tpf name across all pics...
  9. You can also use overgram :smile:
  10. Thanks for sharing all the information. I will start using iwatermark for all my tpf and FB pictures.
  11. I need to start watermarking, that is awful.
  12. I always seem to forget but I should have learned my lesson.. someone stole a pic of one of my Chanel's from here & posted it for sale on Ioffer (a notorious site for fakes).. it had my dog in the background & everything!! Someone here had PM'd me to let me know.. I was LIVID!!!
  13. Terrible! I just found that my photo of my Hermes DS was stolen by a reseller from Weibo!!! I'll definitely file a complaint with Weibo, though I'm not sure if it can help.

    My original post on Hermes sub forum:

    The reseller who stole my photo:
  14. that is awful :sad: !!!
  15. How awful! I had someone do that to me with UGGS on eBay a year ago and someone who bid on the other pair reported me for stealing the photo and mine was listed first.

    It takes less time to just take your own photo than it does to look for, steal and upload someone else's.