The impact your CHANEL?

  1. I also wanted to know what you ladies feel when you carry a Chanel and what do you think people think!

    Personally, I feel very proud and confident:yahoo: even though I do get the occasional jealousy looks!:Push:
  2. when i carry my Cambon Bowler - i feel quite swish and proud!!! :wlae:

  3. that's a cute way to put it! :yahoo:
  4. I feel very classic :smile:
    And I never notice what other people are doing, so I don't know if they are staring! LOL
  5. I have my cambon bowler today and it is so casual and non-descript with the black CCs that I don't think anyone realizes I'm carrying a Chanel and if they do, probably think it's fake since I don't have that "designer chic" look. More like shabby chic, lol!
  6. I love my chanels. They are my favorite show off bags.
  7. I LOVE carrying mine, but I don't think anyone notices! LOL!
  8. I love to carry mine. The other day, I was kinda in a bummy looking outfit, but carried my classic. It just made me feel so classy, even though I was not dressed classy at all.
  9. I love carrying my Chanels. It definitely puts an extra bounce in my step. I don't think noticeable that it's a Chanel because the bags I have are not quilted nor do they have very visible CC logo.
  10. I feel perky! most of my collection is cambon so the contrasting CCs attract quite a lot of attention but I feel that it spices up my outfit.
  11. When I am wearing one of my Chanels I feel good. I love :love: the look and feel of the leather. I don't care what other people might think. If it makes me happy that is all that matters.
  12. I feel GREAT!!!!
  13. I feel more "grown-up!"
  14. :rolleyes: my classic brings out the inner lady in me...:shame:

    and i never feel this way with my other bags.
  15. I love wearing my cambon bowler - i think it looks girly and cute.