* * The I'm So Happy I Waited R E V E A L !! * *

Oct 10, 2010
I fell in love with these two Coach goodies when I first saw them on the Coach website. I wanted to wait to see if they would hit the outlet. One did hit the outlet yesterday! :yahoo: The other item sold out... but not before my BFF bought it for me!!

Anyone around for a reveal?!? :graucho:
My first Coach necklace that my BFF bought me!


When she bought it from the boutique, the SA told her it was the last one in the inventory!!
I have been wanting this bag since the day it hit the website. Then I saw it in person and fell in love!!! I kept seeing reveals of this beauty on tPF and kept hoping that it would hit the outlet. When I saw her sitting on the shelf at my local outlet yesterday I actually let out a gasp and a squeal. Other shoppers turned to stare at me!! I think I scared them! Of course I snatched her up right away!!

Any guesses?!?