The "I'm Sick of Being Sick!" Grumbles Thread

  1. Well.. I'm sick, and I want everyone to know it! :cursing:

    I'm jealous of all of you who are able to breathe deeply without it triggering a coughing fit. I'm fed up with waking up in the night hacking up small pieces of my lungs, and just as fed up with spending 10minutes doing the same immediately after getting up in the morning. The week before last I was so excited that I had run 5kms for the first time again after shattering my leg last year, but now can't train at all which is frustrating the heck outta me. It just came out of nowhere too, no warning signs, no chance at all to start swigging orange juice or chomping garlic cloves. I just woke up last Monday morning to find the tiny soreness that had been lurking in my throat Sunday evening had crawled down into my lungs overnight and made a nest.

    I'm sick of this chest infection, but after being hospitalised briefly only 3 weeks ago with another bug, plus having just spent 8.5 months off work for breaking my leg badly (still have another operation or two to go!), most of all..

    So, in the continued spirit of sharing your ailments with everyone who doesn't want to know, I've created this thread for us all to complain about our gripes and grizzles. When everyone around you is sick to death of hearing for yet another time about your bl**dy broken leg, come vent in this thread!

    :tup: TELL US ALL about your blinding headache and deafening tinnitus!

    :tup: Get that mucous off your chest! What colour is it? Mm-mmm!

    :tup: V's & D's? Yes, please!

    :tup: Hungover? Here's your hangout.

    Let us all know how you're feeling, and feel better for it. Commiserations or complaints all welcome. BYO medication. :welcome:
  2. That's awful! I hope you get much better really soon!
    I hear you about getting sick a lot! It always seems like if it's not one thing it's another. A couple months ago, I had the WORST earache I have ever had, and I had to take meds for it. Then about three weeks later, I had an TERRIBLE sore throat, I couldn't even talk, took more meds for that. Then recently, I was told I need another foot surgery(supposed to get it this friday, but rescheduleing.) And now I have this problem with either cystitis/bladder or my kidneys and have to go to the doctor wednesday for that and I am currently on meds for that, which I have to go take in a few minutes, lol.
    But I always put in into the prospective that things could be much much worse, so I always feel fortunate that it isn't ever anything bad and always treatable.
  3. Sounds like you've been in the wars too, PurpleKitty. :sad:

    You're right about perspective, though.. it'll sound odd but I'm glad really that I did break my leg and go through all that, because it's made me a stronger person in many areas of my life. Helps when I'm running and am tired, finding the session hard, to remember how it felt having to use a walker to move the 5m across the ward to the toilet. Still, I can't help feeling a little frustrated at being ill when all I wanna do is make up for those 8 months of lost training time! [​IMG]

    Hahaaa, and now I've just remembered I need to ring my GP to make an appointment to have 6 stitches out on Thursday - I forgot to add before that I've a 2" long surgical wound on my shoulder from having a thingectomy last week! Ah well, another scar for my patchwork body! :push:
  4. I hope everyone's feeling better!

    My grumble, barring a miracle, is always going to be with me. I'm just so sick of having a chronic, debilitating disease when I'm supposed to be heading into the prime of my life (mid 20s). It's pushed me out of my field once and about to push me out of my current job.

    I'm just so sick of being sick. I wish I could have 24 hours where I was me again. Not this fatigued, foggy-headed, emotional wreck who can barely walk some days.

    I just wish that I could've been able to live my life before this happened. I was 22 when I was diagnosed but can trace symptoms definately back to 19, if not before. I never got to live a "normal" life.

    Sorry for the vent.
  5. Awh, starletta8, it will be okay.:smile: If you don't mind me asking, what is this disease? It doesn't sound very pleasant.:sad: I hope you feel better.
  6. Starletta, venting is exactly what I made this thread for! I'm so sorry to hear of your longterm problems, and hope that you can find some reprieve from it soon. Is it something that may eventually pass, or will you really need that miracle to get beyond this? I have a friend with CFS who was very much like you sound for 3 years, but is now gradually getting better. In the meantime however it cost her both her marriage and her career too. Hard times, but they're slowly passing.

    I'm thankful now at least that my troubles weren't so debilitating as yours. Even smashed bones and lurgematous lungs heal. :sad:
  7. I'm sick of being sick! I've lost count of the number of times I've been sick this season! The coughing, the headaches, the sneezing, the sore throat and the talking with *sexy* accent! Sick of it all! The only good thing is the sickie from work! :p Spring is coming up, so here comes the hay-fever! Grrr...

    starletta, I do hope things will improve for you and it becomes manageable! :flowers:
  8. Lolling @ 'sexy accent', Leanbeanee! Hoarse 'n' husky, huh? I'm off to see my surgey next week about my next operation or two, and need 3 days off because it's so far for me to travel each way. I don't even think I have 3 days sick leave left in my bank, I've been so unlucky this year. :push:
  9. Very husky! I don't even recognise my own voice!

    Good luck Frankie! I hope it all goes well! If you don't have enough sick leave, can't you take it from your annual leave or possible unpaid leave?
  10. Yeh, it will automatically go as unpaid leave if I don't have enough sick or annual leave. I had 5 months off work because of my broken leg and in that time used all my sick leave, annual leave (and I'd had so much they were telling me to go away!), and a month's long service leave. Now I feel I'm never going to claw it all back! Sad face. :sad:
  11. I hope everyone is feeling better, it is so hard being sick. Stay hydrated!
  12. 5 months? Wow! Crutches didn't help? You're not in a job that will allow you to work even with a broken leg? I just hope your leg will be better after surgery!!! Leave can be accumulated again. :yes:
  13. I'm a Paramedic, so have to be able to do everything that might possibly be required of me at any given moment. It was 8.5 months until I could go back on road, but after 5 months my Doc let me do light duties. The hold up there was that working in an outback town we don't have enough admin work here to keep me busy, but I wasn't allowed to drive for long enough periods to get to our next town where the regional HQ is (280kms away).

    I was very active before breaking my leg, running 30-40kms weekly, swimming around 20kms weekly, going on long doggy walks, kickboxing and of course dirtbike riding, so I just channelled all my time into being active still but focusing on my rehab. I started swimming again the morning I got the cast off, 3 weeks after the operation, and just went from there. Before the cast was off I was back in the gym doing my usual upperbody weights and trying to do exercise bike, haha. They said if I'd not worked so hard at my own rehab I'd still be using a stick now because of my bad fractures, but seriously if I hadn't been so busy doing all that I'd have gone MAD!!!
  14. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis back in 2005, but can trace symptoms back a few years before that.

    I now can't get various levels of medical clearance, which kicks me out of my field of study.

    So I am praying for that miracle. I'm tired of using stimulants just to get through the day. It's ridiculous how much I pump myself up just to get to a baseline.
  15. ^^Starletta, I am so sorry. I will pray for you that things will be much, much better. I really hope you feel better. *Hugs*