The "I'm Krazy for IKat Floral" Club

  1. I love the floral Ikat vernis! I couldn't resist picking this up today; the sparkles are very beautiful. I wasn't crazy about this while viewing online but in person it is amazing. I love how the flowers look like watercolor and have so many different shades. I can't believe I just spent that much on a cosmetic pouch, but I had to have it! The pink ones are very pretty too, but this blue/purple/blackish combo has a lot of depth to it.
  2. The blue is beautiful too, congrats.
    I know what you mean about spending that much on the makeup pouch though.
  3. Congrats! The color is Soooo beautiful!
    It looks really great on you!
  4. Cali u always have the best bags!
  5. Congrats to all!!! Love the floral, inside or outside!
  6. I just ordered the blue never full I'm so excited
  7. I just got one of the scarfs. Lvoe it!!


  8. Thank you. I love your set...totally gorgeous!

    Thank you. I love your bag too. Thanks for starting this lovely club.

    Thank you. Can't wait to be blue MM bag twins with you. have you been?
  9. Beautiful scarf
  10. OMG.....I may have to row off ban island just for this. Did someone ask how much it cost yet???? If you don't mind divulging.
  11. Gorgeous blue, love love it...I am waitlisting for the blue NF MM.
  12. The color is so lovely, so feminine, congrats...Gosh! now I want one.
  13. LVoely everyone!! :woohoo:
  14. Wow! Such pretty pieces. All you ladies are super lucky to have them! I'm genuinely happy for you all! :smile:

    Someone mentioned the GM was $1430. Does anyone know how much an MM costs?