The "I'm Krazy for IKat Floral" Club

  1. It seems like, as I viewed many ikat neverfull bags in person, the GM is made in France and the MM (so far the rose velour available) is made in Spain.
  2. I want my mm now!
  3. For North America, I think it's May. Europe already has it via that eBay seller is from France.
  4. Just came home with my blue Ikat GM! I'm so terrified of quality issues, but the store manager told me that there have only been 2 quality control issues in the country... so fingers crossed and fingers crossed that LV will stand behind any quality control issues if my bag has any. I will be sure to post pics if I have any issues...
  5. Thank you! Keep us posted and enjoy your new bag!
  6. congrats & enjoy !
  7. Boo! My mm RI isn't in yet:sad:. I was hoping to pick it up tomorrow.
  8. Wow so they won't be in tomorrow maybe online? Or have they changed the release date?
  9. Well my SA told me it would be the end of the first week of may. Maybe other colors will be in sooner? I know some stores have some in. My RI is not in yet though.
  10. Ahh ok.. I'm not in a rush ill just order online. I think it will be like kusama available for a few weeks at least :smile:
  11. Hi all! I'm in!
    I have no problems where the leather cinches, so far. We shall see. I bought in April 1st.
  12. Gorgeous!!
  13. Hi Maye,
    Where was your blue Ikat gm made? I'm hoping you say France (there was an earlier theory that potentially made in France could be the problem batch).

    I LOVE mine. The lining is so pretty. And I love that it's different that the other million NF's out there!