The "I'm Krazy for IKat Floral" Club

  1. You decided!! I can't wait to see it! I saw it today while picking up mine and it was breathtaking.

    You too! You have excellent taste!:graucho:

    Thank you! It really is so unique and the interior is gorgeous!

    I think it has a possibility to chip like any other bag that has lettering. But I think where its placed it shouldn't be too much of a problem? Sorry not very helpful.
  2. Congratulations!! You have such self control not leaving with the wallet. If I had the budget I prolly would've! :roflmfao:
  3. Now to just stay strong. If the cosmetic bags come in I am toast. I didnt care for what was there today. Didnt really match to me, was a different color pink. The wallet was a great choice, but I have a mono zippy organizer.
  4. The inside lining is gorgeous too.
  5. These are beginning to appeal to me....must. Stay. Focused.
  6. Beautiful pics everyone!!!

    I purchased the Rose Velours Neverfull, Rose Velours Insolite Wallet, and the Rose Velours Ikat Vernis Wallet last night!!! I'll post pics later today, all of these items are just so feminine and gorgeous in my opinion!!! :love:
  7. Picked up the suede rose cosmetic pouch today! I went in for the indian rose, but left with this instead!

    I took this pic without flash. It's a little less bright in person though.

  8. Congrats its very pretty!:smile:
  9. Tee hee hee .. I foresee an IKat reveal from drspock :biggrin:
  10. it's so much fun to see these new beauties. congrats to all who scored this lovely bag. can't wait to see more pics!
  11. It does.
  12. That's so pretty and refreshingly different. Congrats
  13. I'm in the club!!! Here are my new goodies: Neverfull in Rose Velours, Insolite wallet in Ikat Rose Velours, Zippy Wallet in Ikat Vernis Rose Velours. I also posted more pics on a thread I started. Thanks everyone!!!
    snb-lvs-03.jpg snb-lvs-04.jpg snb-lvs-05.jpg snb-lvs-06.jpg snb-lvs-08.jpg snb-lvs-10.jpg
  14. Holy crud, beautiful set. Big congrats on the haul.
  15. Thank you sweetie!!!