The Illustrious Evan Rachel Wood

  1. Still just engaged as far as I know.
  2. He really seems to love her. I hope they're happy.
  3. I haven't seen many photographs of him and Dita together, so I can't project chemistry, but for those of you who witnessed that relationship, did it seem like a frenetic affair, or did it seem like love?

    In retrospect, it seems like it was just a fevered, lusty, "We SHOULD do this" sort of thing.

    People so rarely stick with each other very long when under the limelight.

    I personally love Evan and Marilyn as a couple. Perhaps she's more, for lack of a better phrase, "low maintenance" than Dita. Or maybe Marilyn's given in a little. I picture it working out for a decent length of time still.
  4. I always thought that he truly loved Dita and she loved him back.
  5. Have we SEEN her Gucci Guilty fragrance ad with Chris Evans??? Oh my LAWD!

    I'd post it (and after I get an OK, I still might, providing nobody else has), but it involves a healthy amount of breast.

    I've never loved Gucci more! Muy caliente! :graucho: Gorgeous.

    I hope that's why she was carrying that Gucci purse in March, it pleases me when starlets I view favourably have relationships with design houses.
  6. Okay, my logic is, no nipple, no problem, but feel free to take this pic out if necessary Mods, you have my blessing, potentially NSFW:

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    I'm re-watching 'The Wrestler', it's the first one of her characters that I, unfortunately, identify with on a realistic level. But emotionally? Vampire Queen Sophie-Anne. All the way...

    ETA: Also: Her character does nothing but cry this whole movie, and they have a still of a scene where she's crying, but it looks like she's smiling, and they put that on the back of the DVD case next to picture of Marisa Tomei smiling. :shocked: It's not like it's a comedy, what gives with all the smiling?
  8. Same.
  9. Wow, that's a great picture... that guys arms are really hairy tho lol. I saw ERW in 13 and loved her performance and have seen her in True Blood but haven't caught anything in between...​
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    I love her and I think she's beautiful! I don't understand why some people hate her. Although I personally don't see what she see's in Brian Warner. I knew him in the early 90's before MM was discovered. Unless he's just super nice. He seemed to be back then.
  14. I love this girl! She is really talented and beautiful too. Unfortunately, she and M. Manson called off their engagement and split in August. Who knows maybe this was really the end of them..?.. :shrugs:
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