The 'If They Weren't Famous' Game

  1. The first person will name a celebrity. The second person will answer whether or not they would find that person attractive if they weren't famous.

    Example: Someone says Seth Macfarlane.

    I would answer yes, I would find him attractive.

    Then I'll name someone for the next person to guess.

    Next person answers that and names someone else.


    Seth Green.
  2. oooh... seeing as how I don't find him attractive even though he is famous... that's easy....

    nope, not attractive....

    Owen Wilson?
  3. Nooo, not at all!

    Ben Stiller?
  4. No too short

    Mick Jagger
  5. Hell no hahahaha...sorry his face is ugly.

    Jack Nicholson?
  6. No. period.

    Tyra Banks
  7. Not now. If she looked the way she did when she was modelling for Victoria's Secret yes.

    Adam Sandler.
  8. absolutely not!

    Vince Vaughn?
  9. Yes!

    James Van Der Beek? (From Dawson's Creek)
  10. That's a tough call. I lean toward no bc I find him a little girlie.

    Uma Thurman?
  11. Yes.

    Emmy Rossum?
  12. Yes.

    Pamela Anderson.
  13. No. Ew.

    George Clooney
  14. YES!

    John Stamos
  15. No.

    George Michael.