The ideal collection and must have bags

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I'm not sure this exists, but I didn't find anything that completely covered what I am interested in. There have been threads about how many bags you absolutely need, or someone listed their idea of a well rounded collection.

    But I am still wondering, what would or is your well rounded collection? What types of bags do you need, how many do you need to be comfortable?

    I am right now in the process of starting my collection and in my head I am going through all of the bags I might possibly need and am trying to figure out what to buy. To acquire a nice collection, which I will get good use out of and not get tired of, I began to think about the things I ever carry with me. I thought about things I could ever do and need a handbag for. I thought about things I carry with me on a daily basis, things I carry to University, things I carry to work, things I carry when I run errands or go shopping. I have thought about the types of clothes I wear, I have considered that every once in a while I do have formal events, and I have considered the type of climate I live in.

    I am still trying to instead of finding one or two perfect bags that do it all (I gave that idea up after doing this for most of my life and feeling really limited), I want to get a few more which will all have a purpose, or actually rather will cover all possible purposes while still giving me enough options.

    As I am going through the things I carry I realised that I have some true essentials, such as my wallet, my keys, tissues (I have allergies), my phone. Then there are the add on essential things I find useful, such as sunglasses, pen and calendar, maybe a book to read, maybe some cosmetics, my medicine pouch just in case. And then I have a different load for University and work.

    So now I am thinking that to me following bags would make sense:

    1 University/work bag, which would be ideally a Laptop bag out of Nylon and at least water resistant
    1 plain black neutral tote, medium size for job interviews, which would ideally be out of leather, although the university/work bag could also be used for that
    2-3 medium everyday essentials bags, one should be a beater/workhorse bag, which I don't have to baby or worry about (when meeting friends with kids, taking a walk with a friend, who has a dog, staying at someones house where you have to put your bag on the floor), one other to baby and really enjoy and of good quality, maybe a second one in a different colour/style, only one of them can be a bag without a zipper
    1 large tote - I have come to love totes over the years and this could be a great bag for going grocery shopping last minute or staying over someones house last minute or going on a day trip somewhere, ideally it would also be one that I don't have to baby too much, and it would have a zipper
    1 weekender because that too is a bag that you carry on yourself and this bag should also be your style
    1 holy grail evening bag for those formal events, ideally also one that could be used at day

    This would be my list, although I still can see myself lusting over bags I probably won't get much use from, such as a small casual cross body. I know that I generally carry too much with me, or want to carry too much with me to be able to fit it in there, so what is the use, except that it looks soon pretty. Maybe it could be an additional everyday bag, or maybe its an emergency bag, haven't figured it out yet, or maybe, just maybe, it just doesn't fit my lifestyle now and I will find good use for it one day.

    My question to you is: What is your list of bags, what are your categories, how many do you keep in each, how do you rotate, do you also sometimes just lust over bags you have no use for? Also which ones would you always pick for your own categories?
  2. Hmm.
    Wish my brain worked so thoroughly with planning.
    I just jump in & f*** up.
    And learn.
    Trick is not repeating same mistakes.
    Distractions & shiny stuff work against my progress in this area.

    But, generally:
    1) tote
    2) evening/event small bag
    3) daily bag with front flap
    --if no front flap, lots of zippers & compartments satisfy
    --if both compartments AND front flap, obviously must yell, "Squeeeee!"♡
    Then buy several. ;)

    Also separate between travel bags & home bags.
    Because my travel bags deal with red-eyed trouble.

    Bags I consider, but really know aren't "me" = hermes.
    Priced new bag, wallet, pouch--then booked a trip instead.
    Suited my lifestyle better.

    Like small collection.
    Because need to see stuff daily, or forget it's there. :biggrin:
  3. :heart:
  4. Thanks:smile:
    Returning same.♡
  5. Haha, maybe I am going a bit overboard with this planning... Your categories sound like a great system to me though. I think it takes a bit of trying things out and seeing what works for you and what doesn't. I totally understand the distractions and shiny stuff comment. :smile:
  6. I have read many of your wonderful prose comments, thank you for the thought you put into each post!
  7. For me:

    1. Small cross body: I am a mom so I need something small to wear when I am with my kids. I have a few now I love: Chanel mini and Alma BB top that list. I also wear WOCs but I prefer a slightly bigger bag.

    2. Work bag: I need something large enough for folders, papers, and a laptop. I use my Chanel GST.

    3. Shoulder bag: I love my Chanel flaps.

    Technically, I only need three sizes/types but I find myself buying various kinds of these three types. I don't need clutches (a small shoulder bag does the trick, plus I rarely need one nowadays) or top handle bags but I have them anyway.

    I want to buy an Hermes Evelyne because I think I also need a larger cross body bag. My Diaper bag can be a nondescript, non-designer bag.
  8. #8 May 14, 2016
    Last edited: May 14, 2016
    12bags. 6 everyday "no baby " bags(different colors and styles, hobo or crossbody or tote with long straps), one small black crossbody for evenings/opera, need another one in light color, two nylon crossbodys again black and light color for travelling, two big totes (matching nylon crossbodys' colors) for going on top of carry-on suitcase. Thats it.
    6 everyday bags are not a mandatory, but 4 -one for each season yes. 6 work pretty wel to match any outfit-two black ones, dark brown, dark blue, medium grey and light blue. Thinking to exchange light blue to bright green for summer. It will require some changes in wardrobe too.
  9. I carry a laptop for work, so my weekday bags are much bigger than my weekend ones; that said, all of them would be rather large by most people's standards. My favorite for night's out is the Coach Nomad bag-it's not a tiny one by any means. Unless we're talking about a hobo, I also cannot stand unstructured totes/satchels; shoulder straps need to be wider than a inch, or it won't feel comfortable. So the ones for me are:

    1. Large satchel or tote for work
    2. Bag for weekends
    3. Slouchy hobo for variety

    But in reality, I match my bags with outfits, so I have way more than three.
  10. I'm not that systematic! I just buy what appeals to me :smile: One thing I have learnt though is not to buy for the future. My "that'll be good for when I ......." purchases tended to moulder at the back of the wardrobe. So I now only buy for present needs!
  11. Without planning as much as you did, but just buying what I had a need for as the need arose I ended up with:
    2 small bags: 1 is edgy and casual for running errands, 1 is very formal and can be used with a business outfit or as an evening clutch. Both of these are black. Calf hair/leather/gunmetal for the casual purse, quilted flap with gunmetal turn lock for the formal bag.

    2 medium bags: 1 is edgy (A. Wang Diego in oxblood w/SHW), 1 is casual but can go to date nights as well (cognac suede Coach Rogue w/gunmetal HW).

    2 large bags for laptop/work: 1 is edgy/tech (olive Tumi with lots of GHW), 1 is relaxed and simple but goes nicely with my business clothes (Roots Messenger in Cognac Tribe Leather).

    Now I keep looking at all other bags and expecting to fall in love again, but I never seem to. I'm happy with what I have. They go with my personal style, all of my clothes, appropriate for the region/weather where I live, serve every purpose I need and I love each bag almost equally.
  12. That is so true! I buy bags for future gifts but even so I buy for no more then one year ahead.
  13. What bag do you travel with? I quit traveling with big bags, too heavy when loaded, small bags are not good either-can not get all my essentials in and get irritated.
  14. Oh, forgot to mention I also have a third medium bag... it is a structured leather but very light single compartment black/tan front flap Zac Posen bag with a top handle that I use for a smaller purse when I travel.

    I used to travel with just my Tumi, but yeah... it gets REALLY heavy! Now I use either my Tumi or my Roots and then I put my essentials in the ZP because it's very light and has the convenient top handle.

    The Tumi has a zip closure ride along strip on the back so I can put it on my wheeled case, but this doesn't work when I'm on longer biz trips where I check my wheeled case. That's when I started realizing it works pretty well to have two carry-ons with me, the laptop bag (Tumi or Roots depending on the type of work trip) with all the work stuff in it and then all the essentials in my smaller "purse" style bag. Then I carry the laptop bag messenger style and the "purse" by its top handle and I feel so much less burdened.
  15. I usually have between 6 and 10 in rotation. 10 may seem like a lot we're between seasons but and the weather still changes daily as does my outfit. They're lined up like soldiers on my piano waiting for their turn (apart from my briefcase which is always in the hall ready for a 6am weekday start).

    Current rotation:

    Gucci Flora tote:
    When the sun shines and I don't have to go to work, great shopping bag when a shopping trip means pleasure and not a chore. I suppose it's large, it's leather but surprisingly light.
    Alexander McQueen canvas tote with shoulder strap:
    Beach and for when shopping is more a chore, it weighs very little and is large
    Black Liberty/Apple Leather Hera embossed padded briefcase:
    My everyday work bag but I should be moving over to my Paul Smith light pink satchel soon (not a fan of black in high Summer)
    Hermes Garden Party (simple tote) in Bambou:
    This colour makes me happy, I suppose it's function is the same as for my Gucci Flora tote but also for work with simple neutral outfit if I don't have to carry my laptop.
    Lee Miller python pouch on a removable leather strap
    For my phone
    BV Gunmetal Intrecciato Cervo hobo:
    It never really goes out of rotation but I bought it for Summer when use hobos the most
    Gucci Large New Bamboo Top-handles (both grey, 1 dark blue grey, 1 light grey):
    These never really go out of rotation. When in doubt... :P Top-handles look good right now, especially for smartening a casual outfit
    Cambridge silver satchel
    For glam slumming, visiting markets and picnics etc
    Gucci vintage solid silver and gold minaudière
    A little bling goes a long way, no need for jewellery with this baby. So I don't have the lifestyle but I don't care - I still have the bag :sunnies