The ICE CUBE from Chanel has arrived - it is even better than I thought. Lots of PIX!

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  1. I've got mail! :nuts: This bag looks much better in person. I was so tempted to buy the Ice Cube flap when it first came out, but my SA told me to wait for the real deal. She was so right, the tote was worth waiting. :yahoo:
    I made a lot of pictures, so that everybody can enjoy as well.





  2. P1010190.jpg




  3. P1010228.jpg




  4. P1010238.jpg

  5. Thanks H2girl. It's really a gorgeous bag. Anymore pics in person?
  6. It is beautiful bag but how see-through is it? I mean is it meant only as evening bags?
  7. It's a large bag!
  8. It's not see through at all. It is a structured bag with little "cubes", that are filled with air inside, and underneath the "cubes" is the silver mirror. This is definitely not an evening bag.
  9. [​IMG]





    :drool::drool:Gorgeous! Congrats:love:
  10. Aww, congrats on your new baby!! :yahoo: It's cute... a little too n/s IMO, but a very unique and standout bag nonetheless. :heart: Enjoy!! :tup:
  11. It fits in perfectly with its surroundings! Especially the light fixture! :yes:

    I'd love to see pictures in the daylight too.
  12. i love this bag...gorgeous and different....she's a beauty...congratulations!
  13. Congrats! It's very unique indeed. I'd stop and do a double take if I saw you with it.
  14. Very cute! You always get such cool bags!
  15. Wow this is truly a showstopper! Congrats!