The Ice Cube bag from Cruise '08, what do you think? (with pics!)

  1. here's a pic of the highly anticipated Ice Cube flap bag made of clear vinyl in the shape of cubes on silver metallic lambskin from Cruise/Resort 2008 Collection. the price is $1,650. :graucho:

    IMHO, i think it's a fun and adventurous bag! considering the upcoming price increase, i think the price is.. okaaay. what can i say! :shrugs: (it's the rational me speaking right now btw LOL) i'm not sure if i would carry it often cause of the bold design and color if i were to get it, so let's just see. i'm a sucker when it comes to temptations! :yucky:

    so what do you think of the whole look and pricing? love it or hate it?


    (credits: photo taken from bagsn*b)

    enjoy!! :wlae:
  2. I see a red x =(
  3. i love it actually. Fab evening bag
  4. It's unusual! Great for evening, I think.
  5. It reminds me of the miroir collection fm LV. Only for evenings...
  6. i'm really not a fan. like mscawaii said, it reminds me of the LV miroir bags, and i didn't like those as all! But then everyone likes different things :smile: The price is surprisingly reasonable though, considering the price increases and the crazy prices they were charging for the vinyl bags this season (wasn't it over $2000?!)!!!
  7. ^ I think the price is not just not sure about $1600 for vinyl :s I guess there's lambskin underneath but still...

    It's a unique bag but not something that I'd buy.
  8. I just keep thinking "ice cube trays" every time I look at it...
  9. I definitely don't love this bag at all. Looks kinda cheap to me.
  10. im indiffernt about this bag...
  11. Love it but i won't buy it.....not practical bag...still prefer classic flap bags...:smile:
  12. It's resemble the naked bag. Too $ money if not leather.
  13. ew no :tdown: that's nasty regardless of what bagsnob says.
  14. not for me
  15. i actually love it. Think its cute. Would love to see it IRL and see how it looks :smile: