The I Wish I'd Bought More of Those Bags Thread. Which Gucci Defines You?

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  1. This thread was inspired by @anasanfran and her beautiful Bamboo Shopper she wishes she had more of.

    As we all know Gucci make so many bag models. Some become classics and stick around while others come and go in a season.

    I feel lucky I bagged 3 New Bamboo Top handles when I did. That bag is so me. However, I wish I'd bought another couple of meds when I had the chance (does anyone remember the metallic silver python with natural handles? It was part of a Holiday collection). I wish I'd bought an ostrich too.

    Here's a pic of my most used variation. Sorry for the big pic I'm on the train.

    So how about YOU? It's not about the one that got away but another one(s) you could always find room for.

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  2. I wish I had gotten the Sukey when it was still in stores. Sames with the Hysteria.
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  3. Dionysus GG Blooms mini bag!
    I love the Dionysus range, if I could I would have every size specifically in the blooms pattern. I would probably own alot of things in the blooms print too.
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  4. Emily chain bags ... I hv 2 cross body bags and one shoulder I love the crossbody bags I want them in every color they ever came in
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  5. Ah, you're a soft bag lady. It's not easy to find those from any brand lately.
  6. I think my first sighting of any Dionysius was in Blooms. My favourite is the green with green stones.
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  7. They came in a lot of colours, even more in the Guccissima (sig print) version. I remember the clear turquoise that my mother had from its debut season.
  8. Great thread. Gucci was my FIRST luxury design crush where I knew I had to save, save and save to purchase. The bamboo tote was my first crush! Even to this day, my friend reminds me I wanted that bag. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to purchase and when I was ready, I felt the price was too high. I regret not purchasing the Dionysius med sized with a hot pink suede. I regret not purchasing a pair of Gucci heels about 7 years ago. And I soon will have another regret if I don't find my Gucci - t strap sandals in my size with silver leather. I'm glad I purchased the Marmont camera bag in rose beige. I wished to purchase the same style in velvet. Now I'm not sure as I'm slowing moving away from purchasing more bags. I have 2 more bags on my list and Gucci is not one of them.
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  9. So true...
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  10. You missed out on a lot. I think the right bags catch up with us though, and shoes.

    Love the veltet Marmont. Which colour were you mulling over?
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  11. The Soho collection, I love the logo, my first Soho bag was the leather chain bag, People still ask about that bag and it is now 5 years ago i have bought it.
    But sadly when i was ready to buy again, they have discontinued the line.
    I have found some Soho Bags in outlets, the backpack, top handle bag, chain bag square, but still hope to find card case, woc and a clutch
    The funny/ Strange thing is that I still havent bought a disco bag. I Think to many have that style, but maybe some day I will buy one? Every time i see one, I considering it an ekstra time
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  12. I have the only Soho bag you don't have but I have to agree, it was such a strong line and personality I don't think it dates.
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  13. I think the Gucci Dionysus defines me the most and I’m in the process of buying the different variations. :smile:
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  14. The deep jade green, and the purple (not sure what its called)... I still drool over those bags.

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  15. Definitely thinking about getting the interlocking GG chain crossbody bags in a few colors
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