The "I take size 5 (or smaller) shoes and it's making me crazy" support group

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  1. AARRGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I hate shoe shopping. I should love it, because I love shoes, but I hate it because I take size 5.

    First of all, why are they making them BIGGER AND BIGGER AND BIGGER!!??

    Second of all - why doesn't anyone actually carry size 5 in store. OK, maybe where you live, they do, but I always have to order online, they rarely fit, then I have to return them and suck up the shipping charges. I HATE IT!!!

    I ordered 2 pairs of size 5 boots online and they came today. They are both too big - one hugely. I'm thinking of ordering size 4.0 or 4.5 in the one that are only a bit too big - but again, that means more shipping charges. I guess I should be happy that they make size 4.0 and 4.5, but I sure would be a lot happier if they carried them in store!!

    Surely I cannot be the only one going through this!!?? Is anyone else out there feeling my pain??????

    When I enter a shoe store it goes like this: "I'm going to ask you if you carry size 5, you are going to say No, and then I'll be on my way". On the rare occasion the store actually carries size 5, it's like some bizarro size 5 is really a size 6.5.

    And I'm so sick of stores telling me that a Euro 36 is a North American size 5. IT IS NOT!! A 35 is a 5, a 36 is a 6 - logically how can you even argue that???????

    I'm so envious of people who can walk into a shoe store and walk out with a pair of shoes in their size.

    I used to buy all my shoes at Payless because at least they carry size 5, but I'm sick of vinyl shoes!!

    I wanna cry. :crybaby::pout:
  2. Hi OP, I feel your pain, :flowers::flowers: but indirectly. My best friend is like a sister to me, and she's a size five also! Suuppeerr tiny feet. (I'm a 5.5-6) Sometimes when I buy shoes and find they're too small for me, I pass them along to her and they'll fit her.
    Shoe shopping with her is really hard! But she managed to find some cute shoes at Aldo, their size 5 really is a 5.
    Nordstrom will sometimes have events where they order "irregular" sizes, 4's 4.5's 13's etc. in their popular styles, I always keep a lookout for this so I can go with her to pick up some shoes.

    You should try ordering from Endless, there's free shipping both ways!
  3. I can't agree more even if my life depended on it. And when it comes in a "smaller" size - the proportions are so weird. I wear a 4 and 4.5 and it frustrates me so much when I just want a really cute pair of basic heels and they don't even make it. I am really astound why there isn't a company who specializes in it already!!! =(
  4. Sweet - I'm gonna go read through all of that now, I guess I should have searched for it but never dreamed it would already exist!!

    My other pet peeve is the "do you want to try an insole". NO I DON'T - I WANT A PAIR OF SHOES THAT FIT. I don't want to try to make a pair of shoes that don't fit - fit, that's ridiculous and it enrages me when they offer this. Insoles are made to make a pair of shoes that fits you more comfy or to give arch support if you need it or whatever. That is just stupid, stupid, stupid.

    If you tried on a pair of pants that was too big would they recommend wearing thicker underwear to fill them out?

    Wow, I need therapy - I knew this bothered me but I never realized how angry I am about it!! :nuts:
  5. Non european shoes drive me crazy too, I never find my size and they never fit. Today I found a pair that actually fits perfectly and I can't believe my luck! Hang in there!
  6. I feel your pain. I wear a 7.5 or 8, but need a narrow width. I have a hard time finding shoes that are narrow enough and I think they are being made wider and wider.
  7. I can relate to you OP, though I do wear a 5.5. I would argue a tiny point though that in SOME brands a 36 is a 5.5/6. so the 36 will fit me. But in Gucci for instance, since the shoes run big I have to order a 35. Finding shoes that fit is so difficult what with US/UK/European sizing and then discrepancies between brands! *hugs* The worst thing is having to pay for shipping to return. Any deals you get on a shoe are null and void when you have to exchange and whatnot.

    Good luck! And I feel you.
  8. Me me me! Sometimes I find cute girls' shoes in a size 3 that fit me, but it's still hard to find ones that don't have bows or glitter or butterflies. I managed to find a 5.5 in Dillard's the other day but and so shocked at finding shoes that I could actually put on IN A STORE!
  9. I just went to a shoe store because I was taken away from a pair...but guess what no size 5!!...I feel your pain. And yes sometimes the size 5 feel a whole size bigger. :pout:
  10. I feel you pain. I wear a 34.5 or 35. It's hard to buy in the US. I've had much luck in Japan (lots of louboutins, prada and other high end shoes in small sizes) and HK. As for others, I just buy on ebay. I regularly check for my size. I hate buying online unless i know my size in that particular brand.
  11. Try having small AND wide feet. I have always bought shoes in 6 when I was younger, but now I realize I'm really a 5-5.5 because the shoes ALWAYS stretch out to the point I can walk out of them.
  12. Amen! I was ecstatic when a Nordstrom opened up here several years ago because they stocked lots of smaller sizes. As the years have gone by, however, the carry less and less. Now, it seems as though every time I go in there I get the, "we can order it for you" response...
    I buy most of my shoes on line:sad:
  13. Another size 5 here. I always complain about my cursed feet. I can never take advantage of shoe sales around here, it's usually the bigger sizes left.