The I-SOLD-IT guys sell FAKE BAGS!!!

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  1. I'm really p'd off at these guys. There's a few of these sellers in the I Sold It group, I think they're in different states, and sell all sorts of things including frequently listings of designer handbags and accessories. I thought they'd be reasonably trustworthy due to there being a few of them, and how they say they frequently sell celebrity items etc., but they don't even check their bags before listing. What's worse is that they didn't seem at all surprised to have sold a fake, as though they do it regularly!!

    Now they've the hide to argue the point on return postage cost of their fake to them, telling me how much post it would cost to send a bag from here back to the States. I send bags over there all the time, it rarely comes under $60, but they won't pay the $50 it would cost at least. I gave them the box measurements of the enormous box they shipped it (badly stuffed and crumpled) to me in, and told them to go to the AusPost website and see for themselves how much it'll cost, as there's no way it'll be under $50.

    Anyway, if in the end they do send me anything to cover the shipping, it's getting shipped. Literally. They can wait 3 months for their crappy fake to get back to them.


    So, everyone, BEWARE!!! The I-Sold-It people are known fake sellers, they know it themselves, and their customer service is as woeful as their authenticity claims. :tdown::tdown::tdown:
  2. Are they refusing to pay for your shipping cost to return the fake? Or are they only giving you a partial reimbursement? If the bag is fake and they stated it was authentic, they should pay you the full amount to ship the piece of crap back to them. Scary thing - do you think they will just relist it as authentic again and scam some other unsuspecting buyer?
  3. I've seen fakes listed by those drop off sellers quite a few times...I've reported a few...apparently they just take whatever and don't bother asking the person whose items they are whether they're authentic or not. :nogood:
  4. They said they'll reimburse me including return shipping, but said only by the cheapest way, and that $50 for return shipping wasn't cheap enough. Then they declined my refund request which was for the amount I'd already paid only - the bag cost and initial shipping to me - despite the fact that the refund amount there didn't even include return post! :rolleyes:

    When typing in the refund request it wouldn't allow me to request above what I'd originally paid, so if they want me to return the bag they'll have to send me an additional paypal payment to cover return shipping.

    As for relisting, they'd probably just give the bag to whomever dropped it off for them to sell. It's a no-brainer that if you were going to sell a fake you'd try and get a consignor to do it for you, so I can't believe they didn't check the bags first knowing that there's such a potential for them to be used as a scapegoat this way! It's as though they knew damn well it was fake and didn't care.. "Durrrr, shure, hokay.. gur-haw.. yeawww, shure, we'll sell it for ya! :lol:
  5. OMG Franks how did this happen? Did you not know it was a fake from the pics? :shrugs:
  6. Wouldn't have bought it if I did. :nogood:

    Their pics were crappy though, they didn't even stuff the bag right, and people were asking what shape it was and how it was supposed to sit. I didn't think it was a much copied bag (and still don't, I just lucked out and got one of them, haha!), and thinking the consignors would be a kind of extra check anyway I foolishly trusted an auction that I wouldn't have trusted from a no-name seller. :tdown:
  7. So sorry this has happened to you Frankie! I have seen some of their listings before selling authentic items , and I did not know that they also sold fakes! I'll definitely steer clear of them from now on, especially considering the way they are treating your situation! I hope it can be resolved soon :smile:
  8. i bought an authentic bag from them but felt i was taking a risk (which i was willling to do because it was so cheap). i'm sorry this happened!
  9. Bugger. So sorry this happened. I hope you get your money back and teach them a lesson. :tup:
  10. Can you put n the link to this auction please? Thanks. That sounds like you could appeal to ebay/PP and get refunded? Have you talked to them yet?
  11. I'm already talking to them as discussed in the first post, I'll raise the Paypal complaint to a claim if they muck around more.
  12. I've seen them selling fakes before as well.
  13. Frankie, it's bad enough to get a fake, but to have the seller refuse to pay the full amount for it to be returned? Unbelieveable!
    So sorry this happened.
  14. could you please post the link here for us......
    or pm me....
    hope everything works out for you....
  15. I'm so sorry that happened. I have been leary of them b/c of the pics they use & that mile long list of how things work w/ them. I hope you get all of your $$ back.
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