The "I snagged that off of Yoogi's Closet" Club!

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  1. So many of us on here stalk Yoogi's for pre-owned goodies so I thought I would start a club for us.
    I'll start it off. Here are some of the things I stalked and snagged off of Yoogi's:
    And just today I grabbed this:

    So come on in and brag about your Yoogi's finds or let us know what you regret missing out on!
  2. Great finds, congratulations!
    I like Yoogi's, but in order to find some great items for good prices you have to check them 24/7, and act fast :smile:
  3. I got my mono speedy 25 in like new condition for $625 ImageUploadedByPurseForum1373698618.841775.jpg

    Wish I could have been fast enough to get a couple of other items...things go fast on yoogi's.
  4. You're so right. I love stalking that site.
  5. Way to go on the speedy!
  7. I just purchased a Speedy 40 in like new condition! Also snagged a key cles in de! I'm an official yoogis stalker! Looking for a couple more items!!
  8. How about fashionphile? I've been looking on there recently also.
  9. I read reviews for both and decided to purchase from yoogis closet. This forum recommends that a preloved purchase be authenticated. I had the bag authenticated prior to purchase - just to be on the safe side. Good luck!
  10. Good job!
  11. Great idea for a club, Jennixon!! This will be fun to watch posts to see what fun finds people get! I also am a Yoogi's fan/ stalker! :biggrin:
  12. I got my Mono Artsy from Yoogis!!
    Here's a picture of the first day I got her! You can still see the Yoogis box in the background.. lol :smile:

    Attached Files:

  13. Artsy is my very favorite bag!
  14. This could be dangerous! When I clicked on your link, I saw the love birds key chain and my heart dropped. :sad: I saw that, but already sold on Yoogies last night. I see you bought it on the 12th, and I saw it on the 13th, but sold. I have been searching for that charm!!!! And to top it off, our 18 yr anniversary was July 8th! Dadgumit!

    I met my hubby 20 years ago in Dallas one summer when he still had one more year of college to finish in CA. I had graduated college and was already working, so we were long distance before the days of email and cell phones. We wrote letters! I used to race home on my lunch break to check the mail!!! :shucks: Oh, sad days when I got no letter! But, great days when I did! you are the one that got that charm.

    Well, enjoy it in good health my LV friend!!! It's really super cute and I KNOW that one day I will find one. :heart::heart::heart:

  15. Oh, Kim, now I feel bad for snagging it! What a sweet story :smile: