The "I shouldn't be allowed to watch infomercials" club!

  1. Okay...I should not be allowed to watch infomercials. I usually find myself watching them in the morning when the baby is sleeping or whenever nothing is on TV. Well...when I was watching today, a comericial for the GoDuster came on. I saw the comercial before, but when I saw it the second time I really got the urge to buy it!! ROFL

    This is not my first Informercial purchase...I have also purchased the Swivel Sweeper and some sort of rubber broom after seeing how good it gets pet hair out of carpets...and we don't even have any pets or carpet!!!! ROFL

    Anybody else in my boat???
  2. LOL! No, all those people who sell those things remind me of snake oil salemen. But I do admit Billy Mays hawking the Oxy Clean got to me enough we found it at Walmart and bought it. But it does what he says it does! Haven't used bleach on our clothes since then.

    I always get concerned about stuff WHY it's only sold through TV ads... and with things like that new putty that adheres to anything, just HOW big are those tubes? LOL! They don't say!
  3. Ok, I have never purchased an infomercial product, but my dbf (and he'd be soooo mad if he knew I was posting this here) is a bit of an addict! He recently ordered the presidential coin collection with frame, it is the gaudiest thing, I keep threatening to hang it up in his office. He's such a "it seemed like a good idea at the time" spender - of course, I am too, just on clothes and purses, lol!
  4. Oh yeah. I get the urge to buy but I never do. There was one on the other day for a draft guard that goes under doors, to prevent cold air from seeping in. I told dh I wanted it, he just looked at me and rolled his eyes.

    My mom is worse though, every once in awhile she'll buy stuff off of infomercials. She recently bought me this lint collecting brush thingie for my dryer. I don't know if its any good. I haven't used it yet.
  5. I don't get suckered in because I figure there's something they aren't telling me and why isn't it sold outright in stores?

    So... are any of these products as good as they say?
  6. LOL. I LOVE watching infomercials, but I've never ordered anything :lol:
  7. If so, they end up in regular stores. OxyClean and silicone oven mitts (Ove Gloves) both started out on infomercials and you can buy them anywhere now...
  8. The Swivel Sweeper is ok...I still haven't gotten the hang of it, though ;) I'd rather use my hand dustpan & broom, lol

    I'll let ya know how the goduster plus all of the attachments work when it gets here :biggrin:
  9. I've never ordered anything from the TV, but I love watching them. I'll watching anything! My favorite are the ones for knifes. "It can cut through this block of steel!"
  10. LOL....I can relate, but we have a mall close by that has "as seen on TV" store...I like it, because you can go in and look and test things), plus pay no shipping. But I must admit I like the store, especially for the little things that look good, but the shipping is as much as the item...some things 'Santa' put in my stocking this year that came from the store:

    E-Z Clasp (the magnetic connectors for your jewlrey) They work good.
    Green Bags (the bags that are suppose to make your produce last longer) I just started using them, so no verdict yet
    Ped Egg (for softening your feet) This is just ok, def. not as good as it looks on TV.
    Wireless Light Switch (portable light switch, that works from up to 50 feet away). MY DH laughs and says this has to be the laziest invention ever! But I LOVE it. I like to read in bed to fall asleep..but then just when you're snuggled in all cozy and about to fall asleep you have to get up to turn off the light, not so with the handy dandy light switch :lol:.
  11. I have this problem when I can't sleep at night. I'll usually find myself sitting in front of the TV at 3 AM listening to some guy talking about how amazing some ab-forming gadget is and then the next day all I can think about is, "Wow, you know that really did look pretty cool.." :rolleyes:
  12. I love infomercials! They help me fall asleep. Their scripted BS is so soothing. LOl
  13. Oh, I've been bad, lol. In the past, I've ordered:

    *the chick who owns Lola cosmetics (what is her name, Victoria someone). She had a whole makeup set w/new stuff every 3 months. Yep, I did that.
    *Lori Davis hair products
    *Exercise videos

    I *think* that's all, lol. I don't fall for them anymore, but LOVE to watch them late nite.
  14. Bare Minerals, Pro Activ and Windsor Pilates dvds all started out as infomercials too. I definitely don't think all infomercials are BS. Plus they're SO much fun to watch!!! I love Ron Popeil and Chef Tony. I saw one where the guy threw a tomato and sliced it in MID AIR!!! :amazed:
  15. LMAO!!! The only infomercials that suck me into watching them is if they promise to take 20 years off of your face. Then I go to the websites and try to find out everything about the products and what are these amazing newly discovered ingredients that are miracle workers. I should take a picture of my medicine cabinet. :sweatdrop: