The "I am so lazy I ......." thread. Fess up!

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  1. OK. I fess up. I don't mind work when I'm doing something I like or even don't mind.

    But if I hate a chore, I will take the lazy way out.

    Right now, I have draped a sprinkle hose (the kind with little holes to turn the whole length of the hose into a sprinkler) over my car.

    I call this "Me washing my car." :shame:

    What lazy thing do you do?

    C'mon - confess. All is forgiven on tPF. :hugs:
  2. Im so lazy i load up every single grocery bag up my arms (seriously like $200, about 17ish bags) and then waddle to my house and up my step because i am too lazy to make more than one trip.
  3. ^
    hahaha! I have that sort of mentality too! I just want to get as many groceries as I can in one trip. Every time my dad sees me do that he gets mad at me and says I'm being "greedy" for wanting to take them all at once.
  4. LOL sara, I do that too! Sometimes my arm is seriously numb because I have soooo many bags in each hand, my SO does the same. We look so foolish when we take groceries into the house, Im sure the neighbors think we're nuts lol!

    I will sometimes pick things up with my toes if I dont feel like bending over :upsidedown: my SO gives me the craziest look every time I do it.

    Im pretty lazy, so Im sure I'll think of other things lol!
  5. I don't even do this! My philosophy is, that's what driving in the rain is for. Drives my husband crazy. But hey, if he cares so much about me having a clean car, he is welcome to wash it himself!

    I also am not very fanatical about vacuuming or sweeping because we have A LOT of cats and I figure it doesn't matter how often I clean, there are cathair tumbleweeds floating around within hours anyway so why stress about it? Shameful, I know.
  6. I wait until nearly everything is dirty to do my laundry. Then I end up with all these baskets of clean laundry. I will pick clothes out of the baskets for DAYS before finally putting them away.
  7. When I'm feeling really lazy I will leave the TV on one channel if I mysteriously lose the remote. It would take too much energy to get up and see if the couch ate it or if it feel on the floor somewhere. :couch:
  8. I am going to have to try that car wash method!
    I usually just buy a car wash when I put gas in my Jeep.
  9. Sometimes I'm hungry/thirsty but I'm too lazy to go into the kitchen because it's so far. LMAO!!
  10. I do all of these things! LOL
  11. OMG. I am so lazy that I also wait for nearly all of my laundry to be dirty...ill even run out and buy MORE underpants to get me through the week. when im totally maxed out I put my laundry bags in rolling suitcases and take them to the laundromat; instead of just taking on small basket a week. Ill walk out of my place with two or three rolling suitcases and my neighbors will ask me if im going on vacation....heehee. seriously though, it makes it so much easier than carrying huge bag/hampers/baskets. Then i can neatly fold it at the laundromat, fold it and unpack it at home.
  12. I am the only one that drinks skim milk in the house and sometimes I will take a quick sip from the carton so I do not have to dirty a glass....thats so lazy. AND I would die if anyone ever actually saw me do that!! :lol::lol::lol: so glad I posted that on the interent! LOL
  13. Ack, I do that too! But, instead of putting them away at all...I wait until they are dirty again and the cycle continues.

    I have my times when Im like "OK, Im going to do the laundry and PUT EVERYTHING AWAY, then Im going to do laundry EVERY SATURDAY." I end up doing everything and putting it away, but then I wait until everything is dirty again to do the laundry...and the cycle continues! I really, really need to work on that.

    BTW: I have my own washer and dryer. I dont even have to go to a laundromat!
  14. I am so lazy that.....I don't use the guest bathroom because I don't want to mop nor clean it. DON'T JUDGE ME!
  15. haha..I do the same thing too...or If Im really lazy and don't wanna lug all those stuff, I just bring in the stuff that has to go in the freezer, refrigerator, or things that will go bad under the sun, into the house first.