The "I am Banned" club

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  1. Hello all. I did a search and there doesn't seem to be a club for those of us on self-imposed bans..... so let's share who's on a ban, why and until when.....
    Of course, you are allowed to sneak out of this club every now and again if you have to pick up a little something you must have, and we will happily let you in again....
  2. So, I'll begin.
    I am banned for the foreseeable future, because of the aviator.

    Copy of hath 003.JPG

    Copy of hath 004.JPG
  3. I've bought 3 bags (MC Courtney PM, Epi Speedy 30 Cassis, and Vernis Sunset in Pomme D' Amour) in the last 3 months, so I am banned...until Christmas, that is!
  4. I am banned for the rest of the year. I bought 12 LVs in 2008, 7 in 2009 and 3 this year. My DH is trying to get me to go down to 1 or 2 a year. I am doing well so far.
  5. I am banned till this Christmas! Sadly, the reason is not for having bought too many bags (I wish) Huge dental expenses ahead, and 2 real estate properties not selling for over a year now (hopefully we can rent them as soon as they are off the market, then maybe I can get out of this Club sooner :upsidedown:).
  6. :flowers:
    welcome everyone... hopefully we can support each other into sitting on our "buy it now" finger!
  7. I'm banned for the rest of the year ... But there are 2 more bags I want. I don't know what to do.
    So far for this year I have purchased XXL Mahina, Azur 30, Tivoli GM, Idylle Romance, Stresa Mono PM and a small agenda. (total of 6)
    And today I exchanged a bag charm gift for a insolite wallet so technically I didn't really cheat. :P
  8. I'm also on a self-imposed ban til perhaps next year:crybaby:! I know it may sound insignificant to some of you "veteran" LV lovers here, but I'm actually a rookie LV lover. Just started my addiction barely 2 months ago, and so far I've already coveted 1 Mirage and 1 Motard Biker. Both of which I paid a reasonably high price for since they are LE items but absolutely worth every penny IMO and I think they will last me for years to come.
  9. Imposed ban by dad...he says i have too many bags and REALLY don't need anymore :sad:

    oh well...there's still christmas....;)
  10. I'm banned from buying bags till next year... but have unconsciously increased my accessory purchases.. inc shoes.. which is BAD! :sad:

    I'm trying to put myself on a complete ban but its soooo hard!!!
  11. An Eden Speedy & two pair of shoes this year (not to mention all of the Louboutins I've bought). I need to be good for a while.
  12. I am banned until next year I bought 2 bags in the last 3 weeks. Idylle Romance and Azur Galleria PM. My DH is having a fit!
  13. I bought 3 bags this year (2 LV, 1 Fendi) so I am banning myself until my birthday in February.
  14. I am banning myself too... I walked into LV today only intending to get the Epi Noir Pochette Accesoire, but this year I have gotten the Verona PM and the Iena clutch! gulp! I don't think I can bring myself to tell my bf yet, especially not after he told me he wanted to buy another investment property with me after we finish renovating his place... so...will not be looking at buying anything more for a year I think...(until we have gotten the next property out of the way perhaps?)

    Help me fellow TPFers!!!!!

  15. LOL ... Same here with a purchase within 3 weeks of each other. My BF and I are on the verge of splitsville cause of it. Why, I don't know cause we don't even live together .... Oh well I'll still have Louis by my side ... :P