The Hunt or The Find - - Which is more Fun??

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  1. This is something I was thinking about the other day and I just wondered.....Which is more fun: The HUNT for that most desired bag, or the actual FIND of that bag?

    I got to thinking about this becuase I've been (almost) obsessed with find a Stam bag since they got marked down at Xmas time. I had been calling, searching websites and looking everywhere in search of a Stam on sale. Finally last week my SA at Nordstroms called to tell me that she had a Patchwork Slate Stam returned and wondered if I wanted it. Of course I did and I ran to the store the next day and picked it up. I finally had my Stam and was so excited, but at the same time I felt a little let down. My search was over. I woke up the next day w/no stores to call, no websites to search. I almost felt like I had come down off a high!!! I sorta feel like picking a new bag and making it my mission to find it!!

    Does anyone feel this way? Is it the hunt for the bag that gets you going, that you find exciting - or is it finally finding that dream bag that does it for you?? I just wonder if I'm the only (weirdo!) that feels like this!
  2. I think for me its the find....then I's mine mine mine..hehe
  3. I think the find because its followed by a hug and celebration when it comes home! :p
  4. it's definitely the hunt for me, or the chase if you will. it's nice once it's mine, but the adrenaline rush from calling department stores, searching eBay, trolling sites, the general uncertainty... it's similar to the way i used to feel about guys (i wasn't a player, i just crushed a lot :p), so it makes sense that i've displaced it onto something else.
  5. It's the find for me because deep down inside you know after you find "that special" one you'll see another bag which calls your name & the HUNT is back on!
  6. Hmmm....I LOVE the thrill of the hunt.....but I also LOVE when I know it's in my closet lol!!!!!! It's both for me..
  7. THE FIND! Believe me, the Hunt is NOT fun
  8. I thought everyone (or most people) would say the thrill of the chase/hunt is more exciting than the find/actual possession of the bag! Personally for me the hunt is so exciting and all-consuming that it becomes an obsession, but once I have the bag the adrenalin rush is over. The high is gone only to be replaced by my obsessing over another bag and then another hunt/chase begins!!
  9. Haha, I just re-read iluvmybags post. For those of you that miss the thrill of the chase, you are MORE than welcome to help me hunt down the ever elusive Bordeaux Blake! I've called 800 numbers, specific stores, refreshed websites, and nothing! I really doubt you'll get as much thrill from the chase as my joy from the find!
  10. That's EXACTLY how I feel! I'm so glad to know that I'm not alone. Don't get me wrong - now that I own that Stam, I'm in love!!! I take it out of its bag every day, look it over, "pet it":shame: and drool over it :drool:!! I said I would wait for spring (it's a lighter color from S/S 07) but I don't know if I can make it that long!!

    But now that I own it, I feel like - "OK, now what" What else will take over my life/thoughts for the next 6 weeks!!!! I do have another bag in mind, but I don't think the hunt will be as much fun since it's an older bag and there's only a few places I'll find it (I actually already found it, but have to save the $$!).

    I told myself I'd only own one stam, but........I have a feeling the addiction's begun (both w/the bag itself and the hunt for one at a bargain!) and that I'll be adding another stam sooner rather than later!

    I totally understand why the hunt for some may not be fun. It can be frustrating watching those around you continue to post w/excitement when they finally find their dream bag, while you're still searching - For me, anyhow, I think its more of an adreniline thing. I think that's why I post so many bags in the Sale/eBay Finds thread - if I can't buy myself that bargain, I can certainly help someone else I know score it!!
  11. I LOVE the hunt, but the find is equally as rewarding because then you FINALLY get to enjoy!
  12. definitely the hunt! *embarrassed*
    don't get me wrong, FINALLY having The One in my possession is soooo satisfying, but I often find myself looking for another bag to hunt down once I get my hands on The (Previous) One.
  13. The thrill of the chase and a great price on top!!
  14. it's so nice to know I'm not alone in my "obsession"

    I thought there was something wrong with me for feeling so let down now that I have my Stam (don't get me wrong - I am in so in love w/her!) -

    I really do think it's that adrenaline of the hunt that I miss & that's why I'm already thinking about the next bag I'm going to hunt down - after all, if it were easy, it wouldn't be fun, now would it?

    (it really is a never ending cycle isn't it?!?!)
  15. Funny this topic came up. For me, it's definitely the find. The "high" the "adrenaline rush" the "pleasure center in my brain getting stimulated" LOL,etc....

    It's a lot of work hunting down bags - and a lot of us do it now that we're obsessed. But that's just it. I think a lot of us (I know I am for sure) are the kind of person that easily becomes obsessed with something and puts all our time and energy into it - I did this with many stages in my life - I always had to be obsessed with something (ie: schoolwork)- however, this is how addictions start - we constantly crave that repeat high after scoring an amazing bag at an amazing price. It's what brings us back for more. A lot of the time the high lasts for a short amount of time ... then we are off looking for our next bag, our next high. I always say - at least it's not drugs - but these repeat "seek, find, reward" can be a little destructive at times I feel