The Hunt has paid off - look what I got!

  1. As most people on here know i have a new obsession with Chloe Bracelet Bags since I got my first one as a Christmas Pressie. I've been posting on here to hunt them down and thank to Chloe_babe hunting one down I received today this new baby! Also pictured it next to my current one. So c'mmon everyone keep up the good work in helping me increase my collection and decrease my bank balance!

  2. oh wow!
    it looks even better now. What an amazing colourway. Congratulations SS, you are starting to get an amazing collection together :biggrin:

  3. Its down to you hunting this bad boy down Chloe-Babe. I am forever in your debt - keep them coming! I want to have loads and loads and loads!

    I need help!
  4. Wow, they are both amazing. I used to be really indifferent to the bracelet bags but now I really recognise how gorgeous they are...and I want one! hehe.
    Congrats, secret_shopaholic!
    Please post some of you in the "my chloe in action"thread, as I'd love to see how you wear them :smile::smile::smile:
  5. wow, that is absolutely fantastic. looks like it should be kept behind glass.
  6. They look so beautiful!! Congratulations!!!
  7. Wow! They both look great! Congrats on the find!
  8. Congrats - they look fabulous!!! :nuts:
  9. :heart: wow, what works of art!
  10. Congrats! Love the colour!
  11. Gorgeous! Especially the colors! Good job!
  12. Tdf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Your bracelet bags are breathtaking! Congratulations!
    The larger bag would look even striking with a white starched shirt,charcoal skirt and strappy black sandals. Ooh la la!
    I wanna play dress up with your bags!
  14. Wow, those are gorgeous! They're so very unique and such rich colours, too. Your hunt has most DEFINITELY paid off! :biggrin:
  15. Gorgeous!:smile: