The Hunt for The Three

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  1. I'm so concerned that I may not find any of the three bags I'm looking for this season. Here they are, ladies, worldwide, think of me if you see these anywhere and send me a message!

    The Kasia
    The St. Marks Stam (not Glam)
    The Ludlow

    (I've also put them in my sig) Thanks in advance. Here's to hoping.
  2. the kasia will be available at the boutique some time next month, but only in black, beige, and dark brown.
  3. oh all three are gorgeous, especially lined next to each other, I sure hope the st marks stam will be available
    good news about the kasia, thanks tad!
  4. The St Mark's Stam is amazing!!!!!
  5. WOWOWOWOW. they are all gorgeous!
  6. wow, you have impecable taste, love the st.marks and ludlow
  7. All 3 of those bags are gorgeous!!! I esp love the Ludlow. Good luck!!
  8. great choices selmom! :tup: i love them all.. i'll keep my eyes open for ya..